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It's with my class. I can't bring electronics, & I have to share a cabin w/ smelly people.

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JUNE 9TH!!! sorry had to put it in, im sure u can smuggle ur DS with you, just put slices of bread either side of it and say its a sandwhich XD!

RCTjunkie said:
It's with my class. I can't bring electronics, & I have to share a cabin w/ smelly people.

You'll probably have full days so you wouldn't have much time for electronics any way. As for the cabin bring a deck of cards if you can , but if you are going all day you will probably just want to get some sleep.

IDK what to tell you about the smell

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Look, I am excited, but I've been to Yosemite 3 times, & it just doesn't have the magic like the first time.
God, I sound spoiled. :(

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Okay, my advice is this. Take your wiimote, with the steering wheel. Race mentally, and also pray that perhaps you'll randomly come across someone in yosemite that also has a Wii, maybe even the park ranger or something.

When they see the steering wheel, they'll be like "dude! you got Mario Kart?!" and you'll be like "sure do! got the disc right here!" and they'll be all "DUDE! I haven't gotten that yet, wanna play on my system?" and you'll both go "Like, excellent!" and do air guitar to celebrate.

Sorry, I dunno why, but halfway through that I started channeling Bill and Ted.

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Yeah, you enjoy your "outdoors trip."

Me, I'm a gamer. I'd bring my DS on a fieldtrip to heaven.

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I don't need your console war.


kenzomatic said:

And don't forget the redwood forest.



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Can't you bring your Wii with you? I'm sure there's a tv in the hotel.. or are you camping out?

Make a secret underground cavern near Yosemite with a Wii plus mulitple Wiimotes and an Internet connection

Smuggle Mario Kart Wii on the trip and play it unninterrupted for a week.

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