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From this list, the one that interested me the most was...

Bahamut Lagoon 6 42.86%
Rudra no Hihou 2 14.29%
Treasure Hunter G 2 14.29%
Emerald Dragon 1 7.14%
See results 3 21.43%

Thanks for the list OP - I noted some of the games since I've never played or heard of them.

Games I recommend that many people may or may have not heard but are not from big known series like Final Fantasy...

-Illusion of Gaia
-Breath of Fire II
-Seiken Densetsu 3
-Paladin's Quest
-Lufia & the Fortress of Doom


The Sailor moon game in OP mentioned is also fantastic. Played it couple of years ago myself and finished it.


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Robotrek from Enix (before the acquisition) is a favorite of mine.

*Unlocks & opens the black chest* Aye, you forgot this game.

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Temco Secret of the Stars, came out in the mid 90s in the US, standard Dragon Quest clone but the story was good.

There´s not enough love for Terranigma and Secret of Evermore in this thread, Alex! :(

Anyway, I agree with you, the snes was (is!) the best console for rpg´s, I played lots of them back in the day and that´s the main reason I´m so much into rpg´s now, it is my favourite genre since I was a child.

Treasure Hunter G and Emerald Dragoon look hot! I didn´t know them, so I add them to my "must play" list, and Rudra no Hihou has nice enemies design from what I can see in that picture, so I may add it as well.

It saddens me how many games this console had compared to the wii u. Overall I like the wii u but I wish it had more rpg´s.

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That's a very nice list!
Were all of these games localized for western audiences or are the pictures from fan translations?

lo.oks said:
That's a very nice list!
Were all of these games localized for western audiences or are the pictures from fan translations?

Fan translations. All of these games are Japanese-only.

pauluzzz1981 said:
Terranigma. Maybe its very familiar. But I don't think it is

Agreed. Also Illusion of Gaia was really good as well (another action RPG).

ALSO: SNES was amazing for RPGs followed closely by PSX. Old Square has sorely been missed.

Was 7th Saga unknown? I remember palying that way back when and my boy Kamil.

I actually played Bahamut Lagoon a few months back on an emulator. I thought it was alright but stopped playing it after the first few chapters. Probably won't ever go back to it again.

However, I have never heard of Treasure of the Rudras and the plot seems very interesting. Might check that one out at a later time.

PSX and DS have better RPG libraries.

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