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this is rick mercer talking to americans its not his standup work but its still hilarious

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Brian Regan and Dane Cook

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too many to list really, i listen to rawdog and blue collar comedy channels(sirius) constantly while i drive. but my top faves have to be:

Robin Williams
George Carlin
Richard Pryor
Eddie Murphy(i wish he'd do another stand up now)
John Pinette
Steve Harvey
George Lopez
Carlos Mencia(not his show as much)
Jerry Seinfeld
Ron White
and on and on and on

you guys should check out "The Aristocrats" it's all about the joke comedians would tell each other and try to best one another... though not for the faint.

My top are:

Jerry Seinfeld
Russel Peters
Pablo Francisco
and axis of evil


Russel Peters

only if ur into racial jokes. hes funny.

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Dane Cook and Robin Williams

Demetri Martin, Jim Gaffigan, and always Jerry Seinfeld

Brian Regan
Nick Swardson
Pablo Francisco
Robin Williams
Jim Gaffigan
Daniel Tosh
Russell Peters is good but not one of my favorites. I love Seinfeld but I like him more for his show. Demetri Martin is good as well, I love him on the Daily Show.

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