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Would you mind?

No, in fact I want them to. 71 28.86%
I'd be fine with it. 60 24.39%
I would. (Explain below). 96 39.02%
See results. 19 7.72%
collint0101 said:
Hiku said:


Well, it's certainly true that some of those games may have been born out of neccesity. But on the other hand, if Nintendo went third party (because their console business wasn't lucrative enough), they would have a lot more money to invest in games since they won't be spending billions on R&D for the next console. Spending that to improve the quality in games would result in diminishing returns at some point. And at that point they do have a lot of other interesting I.P.'s to invest in. So even if #FE was created in order to bring more rpg's to WiiU, crossover rpgs like that have happened on other systems for different reasons. Same can be said for Hyrule Warriors. The reason it was made for WiiU may have been different than the reason Square let Koei make Dragon Quest Heroes. But that doesn't change the fact that it was successful enough to get a sequel announced for it. Same for Project X Zone, if we're talking about crossover rpgs.

Nintendo's I.P's are for the most part popular enough to at leasy give a shot on another console. Especially since the climate for some of those genres (action, rpgs, fighting games, hack & slash) may be better on some other consoles.

There would still be some projects like that but the majority of 2nd party games and series would go away because they dont need to exist. Theres no way a 3rd party nintendo would pour money into something like bayonetta 3 after sold the way it did same goes for the last story, #fe, wonderful 101 ect, and thats not bringing up the fact that a it would be possible for a handfull of 1st party ips to simply not gain traction as 3rd party titles so that would be the end of those series as well. If nintendo could go 3rd party without it negatively impacting the games they publish in any way then i really wouldn't care but theres simply no way their line up would go through unscathed 

Yeah, most 2nd party games would probably go away.
Though we've seen many I.P.'s being given a new chance as of late, so I'm sure we'd see some of them again some day.

And of course, after the way Bayonetta and #FE sold, they wouldn't be as interested in making sequels for them. But the question was whether or not they would have been made in the first place. After bad sales, naturally any I.P. can be in trouble.

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We'd only get Smash Bros and Mario Kart from now on if they went third-party, so I would mind.


where is the proof that we would get only a few games, that makes no sense as they would have more resources, time and money freed up by NOT having to make and market a machine. We would get the games we would get anyway.

OT i wouldnt mind. I have no problem buying more than one console, but if Ninty stops making them i guess i would be buying one.

The gaming world wouldn't survive more then a few years with Nintendo going 3rd party before all major developers collapses.

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Aeolus451 said:
Soundwave said:


The problem is not all their games would be around. 

Being a hardware maker forces you to produce a wider variety of games than you would otherwise. 

If they become a third party, it'll just be the big IPs like Mario Kart, Mario, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Zelda, that will get made over and over and over again, because as a third party they don't have any responsibility to build the overall platform, just to sell as many games as possible. 

Which is fine if you like those IP, but it would suck for those of us who like things like Kid Icarus, Star Fox, Xenoblade, Punch-Out!, F-Zero, as a lot of those types of games would get phased out. 

Look at Sega ... all they make is Sonic + Yakuza and a few other IP and nothing else. Compare that to what they used to make when they were a console maker. 

If they have to go third party I'd rather they just choose one of Microsoft or Sony to align with and become a partner with, rather than just becoming a generic third party publisher. 

Hmmm you have a point. That's on nintendo though. They don't really make many new IPs this gen that aren't related to one of their main IPs. Nintendo could just become a bigger publisher than any of the others and work with studios to bring their games to people but still develope their own games. Surely, if nintendo fans spoke out, nintendo would listen especially since they're purely a video game company. 

Yeah, that's why Sega made Phantasy Star 5, or made Bayo 2 and Shenmue 3 happen. Once they go 3rd party its over. Do you really think they care what a vocal minority of gamers want when they are 3rd party? Those vocal minority sales matter to Nintendo now because they also buy consoles, peripherals and other Nintendo games. Once Sega went 3rd party they were done. The exact same thing will happen to Nintendo. Becoming bigger like you say means they need bigger sales to support themselves. They won't get those sales from niche nintendo games.

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Nautilus said:
Yes I would mind, because of many reasons.One of them being that Nintendo is the most unique company in the whole industry, and most of the time they are the ones that push the industry forward.And if they stop doing hardware, well, the industry will lose one of its pioneers in innovating(hardware wise).

But of course there are other reasons, like pride.Nintendo always was(for most part anyway) the developer for its own platform, and i want it to continue like that because i like how things are.And also Nintendo games are so good because they are on a hardware they made, so they know how to take the most of it.And well, lets face it, if you ask someone who is fan of Sony/Microsoft if they would mind them going third party, their answer would be yes, because they want their favorite companies to succeed on all fronts, hardware included.


HylianYoshi said:
Nintendo keeps everything a whole lot more interesting. If there wasn't an underdog to root for, one that did something different from the competition, we'd all just sit here watching the PS4 outsell the XB1 for the 9004th week in a row.




Nintendo is that company that is unique, different, plays by own rules and bringing huge diversity to gaming with they own hardware and software. They are company that have new crazy, great or bad ideas. You can say whatever you want about Nintendo, but fact is that are very interesting and no one for sure cant say what next will do.

Also going 3rd party would definitely effect on quality of Nintendo games. People dont realise that one of reasons is why Nintendo games are so great is because when Nintendo making new platform they always have their games on mind, basically they making platform that will make most use of their hardware and that will suit them most. When you have your own platform, you making rules, you play by your rules, you can do whatever you want, basically you have full control. All that is big part of reasons why Nintendo games are great and have great quality, so going 3rd party would definitely affect quality of their games.

If Nintendo would go third party basically that wouldn't be same Nintendo any more, nothing would be same ever again, that would be beginning of end Nintendo.

But I think that questions like this are very unnecessary because even with Wii U Nintendo is making money and this gen is already in profit. So there is no real danger that Nintendo will go 3rd party, and it seems with NX Nintendo is moving from traditional concept of consoles, I think much bigger chances are that MS will abandon console gaming for instance.

garretslarrity said:

Note:  In this thread, we will only be discussing Nintendo's home console systems and games.  Their handhelds are a different story, so we will not be discussing them here.


So whenever Nintendo is not doing well, there's always someone who predicts that Nintendo will go third party.  I have always thought this idea was silly, as Nintendo was never doing so poorly that that would be a necessary option for them.  I still don't believe that they will anytime soon, and I didn't want them to either.  However, I thought about it some more recently, and came to realize that I love Nintendo for their software, not for their hardware (again, we are only discussing their home consoles here, not their handhelds).  I don't think I need to explain why their software is incredible, but their hardware is rather lackluster.  Their last two systems have been weak, and centered around a gimmick.  That's not to say I didn't enjoy them- as I have very much.  But again, that's because of their software.


The truth is, I'd rather play a Nintendo game on an XBox One, with its amazing controller, or the PC with its mods, settings, and everything else.  Imagine playing Xenoblade Chronicles X at 1080p 120fps!


So my question to you is, if you are a Nintendo fan, would you mind if they went third party with their console games?  Is there something about Nintendo making their own consoles that you enjoy and I may have overlooked?


Also let me remind everyone that we are not here to discuss if you think they will go third party, but if you would like or dislike them going third party.


I'd much prefer the ability to play my Xbone games on my gamepad so my daughter can watch cartoons with me in the same room.

The only "Nintendo" game I wanted to play was Bayonetta 2.

I don't care what happens to Nintendo but I would prefer if they exit the hardware industry. I'd like the option to buy their games without paying a hardware "tax" to do so.

Yes I would because there wouldn't be any reason left for me to own consoles.


oniyide said:
where is the proof that we would get only a few games, that makes no sense as they would have more resources, time and money freed up by NOT having to make and market a machine. We would get the games we would get anyway.

OT i wouldnt mind. I have no problem buying more than one console, but if Ninty stops making them i guess i would be buying one.

They would not have more resources because they would lose all the licensing fees from their platforms. Time? Really? The hardware engineers they employ would have more time making software? lol.