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How old are you?

10 or under 4 0.63%
11-13 years 5 0.79%
14-16 years 20 3.16%
17-19 years 68 10.76%
20-24 years 153 24.21%
25-30 years 162 25.63%
31-38 years 127 20.09%
39-49 years 64 10.13%
50-64 years 11 1.74%
65 or older 18 2.85%

17! (Surprise to see some user's age here...... assuming its the truth)

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I am foar yars oold 


23 ( I was 16 when I first joined this site)

22! That's too much, I'm getting old. I'm even starting to look like a man. =/

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Name of a Taylor Swift song

Alex_The_Hedgehog said:


Was just asking myself if nobody else was 23 one page ago. This age doesn't feel too bad really, hbu?


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Volterra_90 said:


Give it here! Also 25...

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