I'm sorry, but Minecraft is not an educational game.

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Is Minecraft educational?

Yes, it teaches common core academics. 21 22.58%
You can learn from it, bu... 22 23.66%
Minecraft has no educational value to it. 23 24.73%
Kids could be learning in... 10 10.75%
Zelda Wii U is now going ... 17 18.28%

Maths, the notion that you can make things with other things, the idea of farming, teamwork, hand/eye co-ordination, creativity - the list goes on.

Minecraft is no good educationally if used in isolation, but is great as a tool to complement other methods of teaching.

It even improves vocabulary and conversational English, as I discovered when a language student stayed with us and played Minecraft with my kids.

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I think Minecraft in schools shows that we rely too much on digital means and that we are loosing the sense of what real objects are. Many people use the argument that Minecraft is good to teach a kid how a 3 dimensional space work. I find it rather amusing that we do that by simulating perspective. When I was still in school, we used small blocks of wood that we stacked together for the same purpose. I thought it was great, you really understood the world by building it yourself... But I think I have to live with the time

As Minecraft is quite flexible, I can imagine it being used for education. Truth is, our industrial age education system is NOT fit for the modern age and we need to adapt it anyhow. Maybe not with Minecraft per sé, but it can be a start.

Is your post related to this ?

Because that's not just Minecraft, but MinecraftEdu, a custom version for education purpose.

Wright said:

I agree. Kids should play The Talos Principle or something like that.

That's what i'm playing right now. It'd definitely be a better vhoice than Minecraft.

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Porcupine_I said:
Wright said:

I agree. Kids should play The Talos Principle or something like that.

What? And make then question authorithy? 


That'd be an incredible lesson to learn.

It teaches simple math, Geometry, spacial awareness, boosts creativity, sparks a love of design and art, does all this for mechanics with the redstone, helping that sector in future which is one of the most important sectors in today's economy and the mods, this is the biggest reason educators enose this game. It may seem simple to someone who has dabbled in coding or pirates games and shot like that but this is such a great way to teach kids to code because they want to and actively seek out the learning themselves. Coding is the one most valuable skill today, it can earn you a living or you can become a billionaire. ...and the single greatest aspect of this game, the reason every child should be forced to play' it is the love it will spark for RPG elements in the next gen of gamers, securing deeper games for all gamers through higher sales. You think skyrim would be such a big deal without mine craft, eh? I fully belive this game will bring about the rise of the RPG as the dominant genre, it has begun if you look closely at the most hyped games.


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It teaches how to play video games. Very important.
It also teaches hoarding and taking stuff from other players by killing them. Useful in today's society.
Lastly it teaches the value of trolling, letting you burn down and blow up other people's creations, preferably through the use of deadly traps.

they should let kids play GTA. that will teach them a lot more than stupid minecraft

There are better games they should use for educational purposes.