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Considering the Calculation, do you still believe a cross release?

Yes, Zelda Wii U is 100% ... 42 41.18%
Yes, but Zelda Wii U will... 28 27.45%
It says Zelda Wii U, not ... 27 26.47%
I dont understand the calculation :( 5 4.90%
DevilRising said:

As far as I'm concerned, people rooting for NX to be rushed to market in 2016, are rooting for the system to fail. It's just not smart, no matter how you shake it out. And besides, as far as Wii U launch titles go, as far as any of us know, Retro's next game has had PLENTY of time to most likely be an NX launch game, as has the next 3D Mario also had plenty of time in development. That is certainly the case if NX doesn't launch until 2017. And I'd say that an epic 3D Mario, along with a Retro Studios title, along with possibly Pikmin 4 (though that may well be a Wii U game, and perhaps should be), as well as some third party titles....that on it's own ought to be a strong launch, without the need for another Twilight Princess type situation.

With Wii U, part of the reason they ported TP in the first place, was because the motion control concept was so new and unknown, and they had no way of knowing whether or not Wii Sports would be a success, let alone a generation defining phenomenon. So in their eyes, porting TP was the "right thing to do", because otherwise Wii might have had a weak launch. With NX, while we have no idea yet WHAT precisely will be coming out for it, history clearly shows that 3D Mario games (and main Mario titles in general), ALWAYS outsell Zelda games, and are far more often "system sellers". So having a 3D Mario that hopefully backs away from gimmicks, and let's say, gives us some sprawling, massive HD Mushroom Kingdom levels to play around in? That shit is going to sell like hotcakes, and create far more hype than a port of a Wii U game will.

2016. launch for NX doesnt mean it will be rushed launch, you forgeting we didnt had one single Wii U annucment for year and a half (from E3 2014) that isnt small project, port or spinoff. That means Nintendo is working on NX games from 2014 and you can bet that some unannounced Wii U project were moved to NX. Saying that, they can easily have new 3D Mario (Mario 3D World is finished in 2013, around 3 years of development for 3D Mario is more than enuf), Pikmin 4 (we already know that is almost finished) and Zelda U port prepared for this years launch, and thats are very strong launch titles.

In Nintendo eyes, Zelda U is our biggest project ever and there is no sense to leave it exclusive to Wii U, so we are porting Zelda U for NX, we will have killer app for launch of totally new platform and we will sell millions of copies of that games. Its win-win situation with basically no negative sides.

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Miyamotoo said:
JNK said:
Miyamotoo said:

-Nintendo already done something similar with TP


Like I said multiple times now, imo its nothing like TP. There are to many differences.

I doubt NX will use Power-PC architecture, so a port would be alot more difficult and would need alot more ressources as TP. I doubt the Zelda team is big enough to support 2 completly different plattforms at the same time. Its their biggest project yet, like you already said. Porting such a huge game also to x86 or ARM needs LOTS of ressources and wont be done quick. 

If we are realling aussming a cross release, Zelda Wii U probl was already finished mid 2015 and the last full year of development was spend just to make the port. With Zelda Wii U finished in 2015, it would be their FIRST big zelda title that didnt got delayed. Hope you understand what I mean^^

TP was ported to Wii to show the possibilities of the Wiimote. Gives the player the sword directly in the hand. Zelda WiiU got developed to use the unique Wii U´s technology (gamepad) and show whats possible. They even remastered Windwaker to test it.

If the new mechanics NX comes with (whatever it will be) wont fit to Zelda Wii U and wont make it a new/different or better expierence (Twilight Princess on Wii was at least a different expierience because of controls) im very, very sure we wont see Zelda Wii U on NX. At least not this year.

Im almost 100% sure Nintendo wont port Zelda Wii U to NX just to improve graphics, resolution or framerate. Thats not Nintendos style.

Also I highly doubt they hav enough ressources/want to spend as much ressources on an Zelda Wii U Port for NX to get a crossrelease 2016. Dont forget it, that is probl NOTHING like Twilight Princess. Im almost 100% sure they wont stick to PowerPC and just make a Wii U with new controller.

Biggest project ever and very hyped game that is coming at end of life of worst selling Nintendo console ever and that is delayed for whole year same like TP!? Definitely is similar to TP situation.

Nintendo intended to release Zelda U in 2015, they said that in December 2014, but they decide to delayed it in March of 2015. I think game is basically finineshed and now they just polished it and further improving it, while in same time they porting it to NX. Whole year is more than enough to port a game, they can done that for 6 months. Zelda team doesn't need to port game because that is all technical staff, another Nintendo team could port game to NX, they basically could start working on NX port right before they delayed game.

You saying TP was port to Wii to show posibilites of Wii Remote, but they already had much stronger title for something like that, Wii Sports. They ported beacuse its very strong launch title and beacuse it they will have much better sales on two platforms and not just on one, (at end TP become best selling game ever) not beacuse Wii Remote. When they decided to ported they logicly included Wii controlls and little improved game over GC version, for instance 16:9 support.

I also dont think Zelda U on NX will have better resolustion or frame rate, but definatly will have some sort of improvment, maybe difrent control sheme, or maybe same content that Wii U version want have...expariancies will probably be indenticalbut you missing point, they will not port Zelda U to NX and make it launch title becuse improvments or difrent expariance, they doing that because it would be a killer app on brand new platform (and after fail with Wii U they need very strong launch titles, especially when they will release console in middle of PS4/X1 life) and because game itself will have much higher sales than on Wii U only.

Porting game is not expensive at all, we are talking about few millions, but if they sell just 1m with price of $60 you can easily calculate how many money will NIntendo earn on Zelda U port but I really can't see that Zelda U sell less than 3m in worst case on NX if its a launch title.


Windwaker HD was ported in 6 month, but from Gamecube to Wii U (both PowerPC). Again, i doubt NX will use PowerPC. 1 Year would be quick. Tantalus is porting twilight Princess from Gamecube/Wii to Wii U and they need 1,5 year (start late 2014, release march 2016). And Twilight Princess was even developed on similar architecture.

The delay is nothing new. Skyward Sword was shortly for release also delayed 1 full year.

But lets just chill and wait. You will see it soon enough ;) Dont be dissapointed if Zelda Wii U wont be on NX, just an advice.

Miyamotoo said:

2016. launch for NX doesnt mean it will be rushed launch, you forgeting we didnt had one single Wii U annucment for year and a half (from E3 2014) that isnt small project, port or spinoff. That means Nintendo is working on NX games from 2014 and you can bet that some unannounced Wii U project were moved to NX. Saying that, they can easily have new 3D Mario (Mario 3D World is finished in 2013, around 3 years of development for 3D Mario is more than enuf), Pikmin 4 (we already know that is almost finished) and Zelda U port prepared for this years launch, and thats are very strong launch titles.

In Nintendo eyes, Zelda U is our biggest project ever and there is no sense to leave it exclusive to Wii U, so we are porting Zelda U for NX, we will have killer app for launch of totally new platform and we will sell millions of copies of that games. Its win-win situation with basically no negative sides.


Nx will fail horrible because their biggest game is just a port from their old system. Zelda fans already got a wii u and will play the game on wii u. NX fails horrible. Instead of wasting development time into porting Zelda Wii U to NX they should better bring own and unique games.

If it really will happen like you said: 1 big 3d Mario, Pikmen 4 and Zelda Wii U port as big games for launch lineup, im sure NX will fail. It will sell even worse then wiiu. Really, really bad strategy.

Octane said:
Nintendo has never ported older games to a new console


You're wrong there, Mario all stars for a start, then the were a Zelda collection on GC, Animal Crossing on GC is also an enhanced port of the N64 game that never made it to the west, we also have the Metroid Prime Trilogy.

TP was a multiplatform release and the notion of the next game following suit is not farfetched

100% going to happen. Nintendo would be unwise not to do this. In fact, they have done this before with Twilight Princess on the Wii and it worked amazingly. Any mainline Zelda title for a launch is a good way to get people's attention.

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All I see in this thread is a bunch of people claiming their opinions are facts and calling other people who are doing the exact same thing foolish for doing the exact same thing.

That said, I wouldn't be surprised to see them put the next mainline Zelda game on the NX, either as an enhanced edition post-release or as a same time release as the Wii U version. I think they have seen enough of the success other companies have had with the logic (TLOUR, MCC, UCC) to ignore it.


It will be a launch/launch window title regardless of when the NX arrives because the reality is very few people have Wii U's. Nintendo have done a remaster for one of the biggest selling, readily available Zelda's out there (Twilight Princess) which was released on 2 platforms, one of which was Nintendo's most successful home console and even in 2016 the game is compatible with the Wii U through BC. There is no way they will let Zelda U be confined to the Wii U's


already existing topic :v

JNK said:


Lets calculate the probability:

1. NX needs to be release in 2016. Nintendo never did this (annoucnement and release same year). Nothing hints a 2016 release. I give this a 50% chance to be true; 50% 2017 or later. 

So you mean if NX is released in March 2017, Zelda WiiU can't be released for it? Or are you refering to holiday 2017 when you say "2017"?
And Sony never did an announcement and release in the same year either until 2013. I like that you're analyzing things like this. But some constructive criticism if I may. "They never did it before" is a shallow analysis of that situation. You need to look at why someone would do that, and how it can relate to Nintendo's situation. That's what determines what's more likely or not, because they're not just sticking to a pattern for no reason. There's a reason behind those decisions. For example, if things are going unexpectedly bad for the current console, and the company decide to move up the launch of their next console, an announcement closer to launch may be unavoidable, or impractical. If the decision to move up the release of the next console was recently made, chances are they don't have enough info about it to do a proper reveal the year before, as they just started speeding up the R&D for the next console. On top of that, announcing your next console has a negative impact on sales for your current console, so you don't want to do it as soon as possible without a proper reason. For example, if they feel they stand more to gain by making an early announcement. Square Enix announcing their interest to port Dragon Quest XI (a Q4 2016 release) to NX may be one example of such a benefit.

There are actually a ton of things pointing to a 2016 release. I would say practically everything does right now. But that's a different topic, and too much to list in a Zelda WiiU topic. But I'll shortly say that Nintendo's displayed support for the WiiU is something that heavily points to a release sooner rather than later. Nintendo actually haven't shown any indication of beginning any new meaningful support for the WiiU in terms of software since early 2014. The last time they announced any new quality projects for it was mid 2014 at E3, and development for those games started at least a few months before that.
Every single Nintendo title for WiiU in 2016 is a delayed game from 2015, except for Pokken, Which was an agreement signed in mid 2013, so that is by no means an indication of Nintendo's continued support for WiiU in terms of new software, but rather Namco honoring the contract they signed in 2013.

The only thing Nintendo seemingly began developing for WiiU since early 2014 is Amiibo Festival and Mario Tennis. Two rushed budget titles.
This is a very bad sign, as it's now 2016, making it around 2 years since the last non-budget title began development for WiiU that we know of.
This points to it being very unlikely that Nintendo will give it any more quality support in terms of new software. They're already treading the waters in 2015 thanks to delayed games from 2015. But there's nothing left to delay into 2017. And if no new quality announcements have been made since mid 2014, chances are they never will again. Pikmin 4 however was announced since then, but they oddly didn't mention what system it would be for. Also not a good sign for the WiiU having a 2017. I'm sure they'll make something for WiiU in 2017, but it will likely be something along the lines of Amiibo Festival and Mario Tennis. Not a quality title. Nintendo seemingly moved all their available teams to work on NX some time in 2014.

2. NX needs to be a home console or a combination of both. 3DS is older then wii u. It will get a successor first. So only chance is, NX will be the fusion concept. That could be right, also couldnt be right. We dont know. Nintendo said, NX wont replace Wii U and 3ds, but they also said the same about DS wont replace GBA. I think its a 50% chance that NX will be a replacement for wii u and 3ds (and will be powerfull enough to run zelda wii u).

Right after E3 2015, Reggie said that they've already publicly announced that they're hard at work on their next home console. When companies start talking about their next console, release tends to be not too far away. If it were to release in holiday 2017, that means he talked about it around 2,5 years before it released. In contrast, Sony denied the existence of PS4 until the very moment they stood on stage and unveiled it. Either way, Nintendo's next home console is on the way, and while I can't imagine why t wouldn't be part of the NX project, especially since I don't recall any other public announcement they've made that could fit the description Reggie gave, whether it is or not isn't relevant, the point is we know a console is on the way, and since they've already started talking about it, release should be sooner rather than later.

Regarding "3DS is older then wii u. It will get a successor first", that's also a shallow analysis. Again, you need to look at the reasons behind it, and compare to the situation. Systems don't get replaced based on their age alone, but based on how well sales and software are performing as well. If it was as simple as your reasoning, then PS2 would have been replaced before the PSP. After all, "PS2 is older than the PSP, so it will get a successor first". But that didn't happen, did it? No, because PS2 was a huge success. The biggest ever in terms of a console. Now what parallels can we draw from that to the WiiU's situation? Well, the WiiU is actually the worst selling console of all time (between Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft). So base your analysis on that instead. Age is one factor, but it's not the only one.

I do like how you didn't take their "NX won't replace WiiU and 3DS" comment for face value by comparing to their statement about how DS won't replace the GBA. Just like any other company, they will tell us things in ways that are most beneficial to them. Announcing new consoles has a negative impact on current console sales, so saying things with a twist like this can dampen that effect, while also sparking more interest for what the new console may be.

3. Nintendo needs to want to release Zelda Wii U on NX. Even if both points above turn out to be true, Nintendo also needs to want a cross release. It was always a unwritten rule, that every home console system from Nintendo will get its own Mario, Zelda, Mario Kart and Smash game, The 4 big home console franchises from Nintendo. This wont be the case for wii u. Considering Wii U´s low sales and all the Zelda remastered and spin offs it got (Windwaker, Hyrule Warriors, Twilight princess) it may be likely they want to compensate this.

There is one point however which stand against this. All 3 mentioned zelda games (HW, WW, TP) were released, or at least in development before Zelda Wii U got delayed. So assuming Nintendo brought this 3 games to compensate the lack of an exclusive wii u title doesnt make sense. Windwaker was released 2013, HW 2014 and Tantalus already spoke about their Wii U Remaster in Dec. 2014. In Dec. 2014 Nintendo told us Zelda will arrive 2015. So all 3 games arnt made to compensate Zelda Wii U´s cross release.

First off, Tantalus actually spoke about their Wii U port in January 2014: http://nintendoeverything.com/tantalus-media-starting-work-on-aaa-next-gen-title-this-month-wii-u-mentioned/

But that stands to your point, which I agree on. I don't think the Zelda titles for WiiU were made to compensate the lack of an exclusive Zelda game. I think Nintendo simply had a lot higher hopes for the WiiU. I think the question is, would Nintendo want to release Zelda WiiU only on WiiU to compensate for there being a lack of an exclusive Zelda title on the console? You have to wonder why they decided not to show us more from the game, when they said they had plenty of content they could show in 2015, but decided not to. A question I still don't know the answer to, because they wouldn't have to reveal any unique features that the NX may be capable of. They coud simply show the WiiU version. (Just like if Nintendo showed the GC version of Twilight Princess, we wouldn't have any clue of there being motion controlls in it for another version.) So I don't know why they're not showing it, but it is a curious decision none the less.
Anyway, when the NX launches, having a Zelda title at launch would be a big selling point. They are probably trying to avoid a repeat of the WiiU's launch where they didn't have a Mario, Zelda, Mario Kart or Smash available for over a year.

Ideally, Nintendo probably wants each of their consoles to have a unique Zelda game. But the situation for WiiU is less than ideal, so some times things just don't go as planned, and they have to make some moral sacrifices in order to make sense from a business perspective.

I don't know what percentage I would put on an NX version of Zelda WiiU. At least not from analyzing facts. Because Nintendo don't usually do what makes most sense anyway. But I do feel there's a good chance of that happening. And there's also recent discussion about Smash ported over to NX including all the DLC, due to all the content they've invested in the game, such as the third party deals with for Cloud, Ryu, Megaman, Bayonetta, etc.

100% for an nx release. See the last of us/gta 5 for proof, I knew they would get next gen versions, and they were on far better selling console than wii u. Most games released near a new gen will get both gen treatment