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I don't know if anyone has brought this up yet, but I just noticed that a remasted collection on PS4 is outselling the latest Halo!!!  I understand one is bundled and the other is on a lesser-selling system but good lord this tells you the state of things!


It's 3.42 vs 3.37 million copies sold.  This is just crazy to me, and should tell you how much bigger Uncharted 4 will prove to be.  I think we can safely say Sony finally has a bigger series than Halo, or at least now it's comparible.



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Never understood the fascination in uncharted, games are so short. In that respect they are not worth the full retail prices in my opinion.

Dr.Henry_Killinger said:

More or less the overall answer we should be getting at this point, especially for most games out there in terms of X1 vs PS4, it's a no brainer at this point.


I have much love for Uncharted.

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Excitement among the userbase.

I think the biggest problem isn't the Xbox One's userbase (copout) as the XboxOne exceeded many of the previous Halo's on releases regarding userbase. It's the excitement among the owners.

It's not Uncharted we should be comparing Halo to, but the previous Halo's with a smaller userbase that make this one look like a flop in comparison.

Not really a big deal given that it's bundled to the most successful selling console this gen. You could slap a Hello Kitty game with it and that bundled would probably still outsell Halo 5 given the demand for the PS4

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Its fair to say that since 2009 Uncharted has become the second most beloved franchise in recent years (GTA first). Halo 4 may have sold a shitload, but it was hardly beloved.

I don't know why people act impressed by Uncharted collection sales when it was heavily bundled over the holiday with PS4 consoles.