Uncharted 4 Vs Gears of War 4 (Metacritic and Sales)

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What game will emerge victorious?

Uncharted both in sales and Metacritic 307 85.28%
Gears of War in both sales and Metacritic 17 4.72%
Uncharted on sales, Gears on Metacritic 16 4.44%
Gears on sales, Uncharted on Metacritic 12 3.33%
Splatoon both on sales and Metacritic 8 2.22%

Gears of War, the iconic Xbox third person shooter, and likewise, Uncharted for PlayStation.

Both are releasing this year and will be forced to clash against each other in gaming discussion, hence, this thread.

So I ask you:

1) What game do you think will have better sales?

2) What game do you think will have a higher score on Metacritic?

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Sales = Uncharted 4.


Metacritic = I'll give the edge to Uncharted 4. Considering the low hype Gears of War 4 has, it might take people by surprise. Or not, in which case Uncharted 4 gets the upper hand in meta. xD

Uncharted will be winning both.

1) Uncharted 4, of course. Higher user base and the IP is in better shape/media coverage than Gears.

2) Uncharted 4, again. People seem uninpressed by what they've seen at E3 and Uncharted is the opposite: people are extremely happy. I think this is a sign.

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Uncharted 4 will win both easy.

I imagine sales will be lower than Halo 5 and it won't break 90 on Metacritic.


Edit: Looking at some more information on the matter, and I'm even more certain. Uncharted has been beating Gears in sales and scores since 2009. On top of that, Uncharted 4 looks awesome, Gears 4 looks meh. Naughty Dog is making Uncharted, a studio nobody has ever heard of is making Gears.

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Uncharted. Simple as that.

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Userbase means Uncharted will sell more.

Metacritic is a crapshoot.

Historically, mainline Gears games have a slight edge, but its been so long and reviews are done differently now, so who knows.

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Uncharted 4 for both, with the release of the Nathan drake collection I can imagine that has created quite a few new fans to the series and with the higher install Base. Also higher metacritic but only just, I reckon naughty do are going to go all out on this seen as it's nates last adventure.

If HALO has series fatigue. Gears will definitely have series fatigue.

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Uncharted will win both, easy.

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