Would it be a waste of time for Nintendo to get their own VR headset?

Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Would it be a waste of time for Nintendo to get their own VR headset?

Question in the title.


Only if they went full 3D right? Or does VR work with 2D games as well?

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Yes, the pricepoint is ridiculous. Let's all reconvene in the gen after NX and we'll talk, price should be low enough for people to care by then.

They are struggling selling a console, yet you want them to make a device that's costs double or triple yet is 10 times more niche ?

Unless they are using as a main console gimmick for NX, and willing to put much effort as Wii at minimum, no.

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This is still not the moment for VR to become mainstream, is still too expensive, it requires very powerfull hardware to bring a satisfactory experience and developers are still experimenting with the possibilities, so it will be a huge waste of time for them tbh, that said, VR will be huge in some years so they should be thinking about what are they gonna do to compete against it, they are concerned about how isolated and antisocial the experience may be, but they can find ways to change that and show the world another side of the experience.

Waste of time.  So, no.  Not a good idea.

This is the company that thrives on local multiplayer.

That said, this reminds me of a video that came out back in 2005. 3D artist Pablo Belmonte created this pretty bad ass concept video right after Nintendo announced the Revolution at E3 in 2005. The video quality sucks (Youtube 2005 quality) but the it touched on a lot of key elements of gaming today.


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How many games does Nintendo have that can fully use a VR headset? I think that only Endless Ocean and Metroid Prime are suited for that hardware. So no, they wouldn't make one. Although they using a 3rd party one like Oculus would be possible, but not this gen or the next.

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Don't these devices cost something like 600 quid? Wouldn't be any point at that price point.

Yes VR is a waste of time and resources