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LudicrousSpeed said:
GribbleGrunger said:
Andrew House:

'We’ve just seen the most successful Black Friday in the company’s history. We are now trying to benchmark against the success of the PlayStation 2 – or exceed it if possible.'

It makes sense not to set your sights too low.

Thanks for confirming they are not competing with the PS2. Looks like they're just comparing the success of PS4 to the PS2.


They're obviously not competing with the ps2 in literal terms.  They're competing with the success of the most successful console ever.  They won't match it but they certainly can for a few years.  Kudos to them.  


Personally I don't think any exclusive Microsoft has is a threat to Sony.  Like quantum break,  recore,  Scalebound,  Sea of thieves etc will do nothing.  


Even gears isn't a treat.  Halo did nothing.  They still demolished them last holiday when that released so what's gears gonna do?  


Sony will focus on themselves not Microsoft.  As my football manager always said,  "Winners focus on themselves,  losers focus on winners". 

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What is Sony's purpose with the PSVR?
To sell software.

The 100 titles in development for PSVR seems out of context to me, unless they literally said "100 exclusives for PSVR", then most of those 100 are going to be games that are made VR compatible, with only a few being VR exclusive, and some being shared by OR and PSVR.

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Most VR games will be a lot less appealing without the VR aspect. So putting them on normal TV displays doesn't make much sense for many of these titles.

GribbleGrunger said:

Are you under the impression that I'm one of those silly little teenagers who can't bare to think the PS4 might lose a month? I'm just offering one possible reason Sony might just do what I've said. Just the fact they can make sure there is a constant stream of games would be enough. Now Sony are benchmarking against the PS2 they'll want to make sure there are no lulls, whether it's because of a lack of software (in a paticular month) or XB1 that takes sales away from the PS4. Even possibly the NX if it releases.


Benchmarking against the PS2 means nothing when House himself pretty much offered the opinion that they are most likely not going to catch the PS2. They are ahead of all similar competition so there is nothing else to benchmark against except the PS2. Its not realistic and Sony knows this. Their comments on the matter say as much.

And really, what are these VR games getting non-VR support exactly goin to do? We aren't seeing  a whole lot of major publisher backed AAA budget games. Most of them are just indies and as grat as indies are, they still are not a massive hardware selling tool. Likewise, if said games do go non-VR they will just be ported to the X1 anyways. 

What a fantastic 'win' for the PS4 that is.

Sony does not need to counter anything. They have their big games still to come in 2017. They have deals with 3rd party publishes on games that actually matter.

VR can be its own thing and grow, which is better for the platform. 

I get your point on an extra software stream. But not only does it devalue VR, but these games are just going to end up being some arbitary number game that measn next to nothing when it comes to actual fundamental sales. X1 taking Oct when PS4 had more exclusive games for the month is pretty evident that having more games is not the same as having high profile games. 

Ultimately I don't think your idea is that nessecary. More vanilla gameswould of course be welcome but not for the reasons you are proposing (imho)