I'm buying a PS3 soon. Slim or Super Slim?

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Slimebeast said:
Mr Puggsly said:
I say Slim simply because it doesent look like shit. I have two.

Why do you have two, dear Mr Pug?

Btw, do you also have a PS4?

I let a friend use a PS3 and instead of taking it from him to catch up on the backlog, I saw Gamestop was selling them for $99 so I bought it. Its always nice to have a backup.

I dont have a PS4. Although, I may get one when Uncharted 4 is released. I have the money, I just have a lot to play already and PS4 lacks games I really want right now.

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I got a 500gb Super Slim for Christmas 2013 to replace my beloved broken 80gb phat PS3 from 2008.

I've never played on a slim but the Super Slim is so cheap feeling! No wonder I was able to get it for $199 with TLoU and Arkham Origins!! The Slim HAS to be better.

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Ruler said:
It depends what is more impotant to you

Super Slim: most reliable architecture, same Nanometer like the Wii U

Slim: has a slot in drive so a lot less noise and its less exposed to dust and scratches

I think the majority of Super Slim and Slim PS3s have the same 45nm Cell/40nm RSX size setup.  I think the CECH-42xx and higher PS3 models also have a similar power consumption as previous Super Slim models according to the official Sony manuals, though they might have a smaller chip-set. 

Chevinator123 said:
Super slim. Cheaper and longer life expectancy. (They aren't even producing Slims anymore so if you get one of those it will likely be pre-owned)

DO NOT get the 12gb model though. Dont even know how Sony is selling this as its a down right scam.

The 12gb model is worth getting if it's reeeeally cheap and you were planning to put your own hard drive in anyway. Keep in mind that you have to order the mounting bracket for the hard drive.

Get the slim. Quiet, reliable and more appealing than the Super Slim. Had mine for 7 years and had no issues at all. Still use it every day.

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Slim any day, just looks so much better and isn't a blatant cost reduction exercise. Had my slim since about 2011 after my original ps3 packed in.

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