PS4 has sold through 35.9million units as of January 3rd!

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CGI-Quality said:
Hmmmm...... alright, have a look at this:


34 months after the launch of the PS2 in Japan (March 2000-January 2003), the system had reached 50 million. The PS4 has been on the market for 26 months (on Jan 15). So, it would need to sell 14 million units by September. Can it do it? Anyone?


I could be wrong but I think Sony reported ps2 shipments back then as soon as they were created in the factory,  unlike now when they have to be sent to stores.  


So that's yet another advantage the ps2 had.  Bottom line is the ps4 will keep up with it until 100m and then will probably fall behind. 

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BraLoD said:
So that makes it 17.4M sold this year, right? Impressive.

That's what she said!...

Good numbers and VGChartz numbers very close...

Ten months ago, on February 15 to be exactly, I predicted that the PS4 would sell 17M on 2015, it sold 17.4M.

I also made a prediction for the next 8 year here (PS4 LTD Sales should be at least 140 Millions), next year it should be 21M totaling at 56M LTD.

I will also make a predication and say the ps4 will sell close to 24m units this year

End of 2016 prediction



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RolStoppable said:
CGI-Quality said:

As I figured. Wiki is hardly a source for this type of stuff. Then again, I couldn't really find much else. :P

Shipment data is good. There's no problem except that some data is missing.

Like I said in the edit that you didn't quote, the news article reported that the PS2 hit 50m in shipments. The PS4 should be between 37-38m by December 31st 2015, so it only needs 12-13m in the next nine months, not 14m. The PS2 will certainly close the gap in the coming year, because not even the most optimistic people are going to expect 22.5m PS4s sold in the next twelve months.

I'll take you up on that 22 million because,  why not. Btw, is that shipped or sold through? Lol