When do you think the Nextgen systems will launch?.

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I hope Nintendo will release in 2016. I don't think we will see a new Xbox or PS until 2018 and 2019 but I wouldn't rule out that MS will try to release a tablet console earlier.

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Nintendo Nx.....2016 or 17
Xbox 2 ...2018.....I believe they feel this generation is lost to Sony...so they will want to make this current generation short and start the next generation early.......
Sony PS5 ...2019 ...I believe if Xbox 2 releases in 2018 Sony is not gonna wait 2 years to release a new console...that is too long of a wait..it would make the PS4 seem like an old system..whereas Nintendo and Xbox have new machines....in reality Sony wants this generation to be long ,but I have a feeling this generation is gonna be shorter than usual because both Nintendo and Xbox want a fresh start...and Microsoft is willing to take a loss this generation(they have the money) to get a head start on Sony next generation

NX next year, no sooner than 2019 for the other two.

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Late 2018

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2020 for Ps5 and possible xbox successor, end of 2016 for NX handheld and end of 2017 for NX home console imo.

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Personally I would like to see next-gen arrive late 2018 since it is already obvious PS4/X1 are both severely limited powerwise. A lot of games have to be toned down already and it is going to get only worse. Yes there will still be few exclusives that will shine but for AAA-multiplatform games the downgrades will be harsh compared to the original vision of developers. I believe console gaming is going the way of PC and all games will become forwards-compatible and at least 1-gen backwards compatible. Online will become cross-platform.


Let's say PS5/X2 release in 2018. There will not be any next-gen exclusives but games will be designed for the PS4/X1 spec for years because of the massive install base and PS5/X2 would only offer the same game with higher graphic settings. The generational transition would happen slowly and naturally and nobody would be left out of new games. There is no reason not to offer a better more powerful gaming console for consumers who want it. I believe there will be new controller desings but the new controller will not be mandatory. This will make it possible for console manufacturers to sell the new console at a cheaper price and consumers are given the option to use their existing PS4/X1 controllers.


If it goes beyond 2018, PS4/X1 will become ridiculously outdated and a lot of consumers will turn to PC-option.

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Dont know but it will defeniatley be in this order and at least a year between them

Thats also the hardware power between them

we know the NX will be '16 or '17.

As far as PS5 & XB2, they won't come out earlier than '19 or '20, unless:

-NX becomes a huge Wii like phenomena
-XB1 gets completely crushed, so they rush first to the UHD market a-la 360 (HD).