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Already bought Grim months ago and Hardware rivals doesn't really interest me, i wont be renewing my sub this month then.

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Nice! Never played Grim Fandango so I wanted to buy it on PS4 or PS Vita but I didn't. Glad that I didn't, the game is now free.

I just bought Grim Fandango in October i think... it was on sale for like $5.99


I used to be so jealous of PS+ kids back in the PS3 days when I were but a lowly student.

Now that I have PS+, I haven't seen a single thing even worth adding to my account since Rocket League. Best month was the first month with Resogun and Contrast.

This is a brilliant month. I'll get both of these. I wonder will ps3 or vita have anything I'll like

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Instead of being mad at the psplus now i will be happy for them not putting a single game that i would like to play, now i will be happy cause i will save those euros and buy me some nice present with it.


Oh, i was interested in Grim Fandango, glad i'll get to try it next month !

I thought Hardware Rivals was a Free-to-Play game

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No wonder i haven't invested in PS+

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Good so far, miss the days when all six titles were announced.