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I see people always saying each console has it's pros and cons. Well, as for me, I don't see where the cons are in the Xbox One. 

There is always room for improvement ofcourse. You can always make a better product. The Xbox One is already a great console that will continue to get better as the years go by.



CPU: 8 Cores capable of handling complex physics and artificial intelligence in parallel.

Currently with directx 11 only one CPU core can talk to the GPU. With directx 12 multiple cores will be able to talk to the GPU.

GPU: 1.32 teraflops every second, the Xbox One GPU is capable of cinema quality visuals.

Memory: 8 Gigabytes of DDR3 RAM + 32MB of SRAM embedded on the GPU, this custom design was developed to future-proof the Xbox One to take advantage of Microsoft's own developed tile-based rendering technology.



The Xbox One was built with the future in mind.

Directx 12 will allow for developers to take full advantage of Xbox One capabilities that was previously impossible by using directx 11.

Many games are being delayed as developers see their games performing far better with directx 12.

Whatever genre of game you enjoy from simple puzzle games, to simulators, action and roleplaying games, you can find it on the Xbox One. 

Currently Microsoft is working with the top developers all over the world to deliver their vision to the Xbox One, some of which will only be available on the Xbox One, on day one.



Xbox live defined and continues to redefine online entertainment on consoles. As the years go by this service will only get better as Microsoft is listening and implementing new features with each update to this really cool service.


So, as I said before, I don't see the cons.

If I am missing something let me know.




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missing several games that are exclusive to ps4, japanese games in general, kojima not there, underpowered hardware compared to the competition, a history of terrible 1st party support past the first few years, negative consumer perception since the reveal, bulky machine, awful bumper buttons on the controller, duracell powered controllers, no VR...

did i just fall into a trap on this one?

Backward compability




The only thing I don't like about my xbox is the lack of jrpgs :P other than that it's friggin amazing

Well let me go get the popcorn.

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Natsu said:
The only thing I don't like about my xbox is the lack of jrpgs :P other than that it's friggin amazing


Well a lot a people gripe about the controller still using AA batteries I think that is a legit con.

This and many other threads you've created make me wonder, do you work for MS? Like seriously.

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Lack of Japanese games
Controller (personal preference)
Worse specs than the PS4 for the same price -- leading to worse performance
Lack of cross-platform play with anything thats not Microsoft published
$10 more per year in online costs than the PS4 and $60 more a year than the wiiu and PC
Remote play only works with Windows 10
Inability to swap out the internal HDD -- Which means you need to get price raped to get a SSHD

Why does Jega ALWAYS seem like he works for Microsoft? He seriously... seriously... seriously... posts nothing but MS propoganda.

It's not that anything is wrong with the X1; it's just that people keep comparing it to the better-executed PS4.