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today officially junked its controversial one child policy, allowing couples to have a second child amid deepening demographic crisis of shrinking workforce and ageing population in the world's second largest economy. 

Chinese lawmakers passed a historic decision allowing all couples to have two children from January 1, ending its over three and half decades old policy that prevented over 400 million births in the country. 

"The state advocates that one couple shall be allowed to have two children," the state-run Xinhua agency quoted the newly revised on Population and Family Planning as saying. 

The law was passed by the 159-member National People's Standing Committee, the top organ of China's parliament. 

The NPC approval was a formality as the rulingof China (CPC) headed by President Xi Jinping has approved itearlier as China, world's most populous country with 1.37 billion people, faced grim demographic crisis under which China is expected to face severe labour shortages due to rapid increase in ageing population. 

Despite massive publicity to the lifting of the one child policy being implemented since 1978, the two child rule has evoked less enthusiasm with official surveys indicating that people were not keen to have second child due to heavy costs involved in bringing up another child. 

According to the latest figures, the number of people aged 60 or over in China has reached 212 million at the end of 2014, accounting for 15.5 per cent of the country's population, with the number of disabled elderly people approaching 40 million. 

The United Nations has predicted that people over age 65 will account for 18 per cent of China's population by 2030, double the number in 2011 which will have a negative bearing on China's labour availability. 

By 2050, China is expected to have nearly 500 million people over 60, exceeding the population of the US. 

The ageing population has brought greater demand for elderly care services. 

According to a report published by Price waterhouse Coopers earlier this month, Chinese people will spend over USD 1.54 trillionfrom 2016 to 2020 on elderly care, increasing 17 per cent per year.


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Too little, too late. They need a full removal of the policy in its entirety. 2 kids is still way below the replacement level, let alone rebalancing demographics. This will just slow down the slip into economic stagnation, not reverse it.

I read that as a result of this policy, there are 60 million more young men than women. And for cultural reasons, wealthy men in China can still get away with having 2 or more women on the go at once. Not to mention swinging-dick Westerners like myself coming in and using my passport to lure their best women (my girlfriend is mainland Chinese).

What's going to happen to society when you end up with tens of millions of men who never had a woman to "placate" them? Not to mention, who's going to look after or fund these lifelong single men into retirement?

So it's only 2 kids now? Have it at 3 or 4 kids max :L better than 1

StarOcean said:
So it's only 2 kids now? Have it at 3 or 4 kids max :L better than 1

Yep, two sprogs.

Although..... the way this law has always been enforced is via fines for having additional kids. For the most part, people who couldn't afford more than one kid couldn't pay the fine anyway. The rich folks who wanted more than one could have just paid the fine. The same is still true for 2 or 3 kids.

Why don't the just let people have as many as they want instead of forcing them to have "x" amount of kids.

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On one side I''m happy for chinese couples that they're now free to have at least 2 children, on the other I'm kinda concerned for the demographic jump we'll see in the next few years, especially because of the current climate situation of Earth and the fact that China is one of the countries that pollutes more :/

2 billion chinese confirmed they conguer the world




NobleTeam360 said:
Why don't the just let people have as many as they want instead of forcing them to have "x" amount of kids.

Population control. 

I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing....

I mean the one child policy is the reason why China's Population hasn't surpassed 2 billion yet. ( Even without it when you combined the populations of China and India they both account for over 36 percent of the world's population)

The World barely has enough resources For the 7 billion plus that already lives on it. :/

NobleTeam360 said:
Why don't the just let people have as many as they want instead of forcing them to have "x" amount of kids.


too many people