Do fans like Pikachu as much as Nintendo thinks we do?

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How much do you like Peekatchu?

Enough to marry it and hav- 10 7.25%
Love it, my fav Pokieman. 13 9.42%
Like it a lot, but not fav. 41 29.71%
It's alright. 35 25.36%
Not fond of it but don't... 20 14.49%
It's so lame, full of sh... 1 0.72%
I release every single one. 0 0.00%
Hate it even more than Darkrai. 1 0.72%
So tired of seeing it everywhere. 8 5.80%
Just wanna kill them, all of them. 9 6.52%

It's fine as a mascot, and I can see why it's so popular among the Pokemon fans. But on Smash bros, I hate that bloody electric rat.

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I dont like that pokemon TBH.

twintail said:

Does it really matter what the reason is?


It's the point of this thread, so yes!

FunFan said:
There are plenty of reasons to luv him. Only two reasons to dislike him: He's popular and his stats are low (but is almost decent for a middle evolution).


Third reason: It's existence makes people think Pachirisu is just a clone of it.

Einsam_Delphin said:
Superquagsire said:
Pikachu is the mascot that EVERYBODY knows. Not just fans of the series but literally everybody knows Pikachu. But i can tell the Pokemon company is starting to share that spotlight with other pokemon, mainly charizard in merchandise and such. Personally I don't care who is the mascot as long as it isn't a stupid choice like dunsparce or whatever.


Yes everybody knows him, but not everybody actually cares about him. I mean honestly there isn't anything special or great about him compared to other Pokemon. He's just the mascot, nothing more.

And hey, it's not cool to hate on Dunsparce! xP




I don't hate Dunsparce! I actually like him cuz hes so derpy. I was just using an example :P Sorry if that sounded differently than it was supposed to!

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Pikachu is the Mascot of Pokemon, sort of like Mario is the mascot of Nintendo and Sonic for Sega etc.

I'm not really specifically fan of these mascots (there are others that I prefer) but I don't really mind having Pikachu as the mascot for Pokemon because it's pretty classic and I don't think they really need to change it or anything

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Pikachu's design is fairly simple, yet memorable. Even through all the generations, Pikachu just continues to remain relevant in some shape or form. I've seen a lot of Pikachu merchandise, art, and even this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycdcDFuGarM. Personally, Pikachu has remained one of my favorite Pokemon. Whenever I've had a chance in any mainline game, I would try to catch a Pikachu (and debate whether or not to evolve him/her into a Raichu later on). Pikachu's also one of my mains in Smash (even though he's one of the more complicated characters to master).