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Damn, this looks so awesome, now I want Persona 5 for my PS4.

Can't wait for this.

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NOPE, wont watch it. Spoiler free for me! hehe

I guess I just do not get these types of games. You have to be heavily into story to like them? Sometimes I can barely stomach following stories in games. But that is because I have limited time to play anymore. Still hope the first week in Japan is decent. 100 thousand life time would be nice there.

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Was debating if I should watch this, but ended up watching the first half...

Looks great and should be really awesome to play

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97alexk said:

NOPE, wont watch it. Spoiler free for me! hehe

It's the opening cutscene, not the ending lol.

Looking forward to this and persona 5 next year though I am of course more hyped for persona 5. Game looks good but just really the art style looks like someone threw up a rainow lol

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