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Do you think people are starting to get offended easily?

Yes. It's ridiculous 143 81.71%
No. Not at all 11 6.29%
Eh...sort of 16 9.14%
Other 5 2.86%
pbroy said:

I just got modded for making a joke about someone with a cat in their avatar getting wet. How can you resist not making a sexual innuendo about that? It's just so easy. 😆 come on dude... People need to lighten up


He tought it was offensive, you tought it was funny, so you are a happier person. So you got that going for you which is nice. Anyhow back to the topic you should be able to say whatever you please. If you can't even do that anymore what's the point of freedom of speech in the first place. Humor and Satire should be defended by the people not largely critisized because it isn't politically correct.

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pbroy said:

It's in this thread:


Did you seriously get modded for that?

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I wonder what the world will get offended by in 2016...


It's going to be horrible



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Well 2015 is the year of the offended so I'm not surprised.

People get offended by people getting offended.

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They really are. Anytime anyone says they don't like something or that it makes them uncomfortable, a bunch of overly defensive assholes crawl out of the woodwork to try and shame them into silence. :/

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AZWification said:
pbroy said:

It's in this thread:


Did you seriously get modded for that?


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Don't let the moralterrorists get you. There are many ways they can help their cause but censorship isn't one of them, au contraire.
'Offensive' jokes are the best and, if you ask me, even the best way to spread awareness.

This getting-offended-at-everything-movemend is a pseudo-intelligent way of people to let you know they have an opinion, sadly, their opinion often doesn't work in a positive way. They have to look out to not marginalize the marginalized even more. Often, stereotypes are the biggest way to awareness and a main part of stereotypes are jokes.
Don't let these cultureterrorists stop you from saying what you want. Censorship is not the way! Revolution!!!

By this I will end with a magnificent joke I read on the amazing internet. (People who get offenden quickly, I warn you. If you get offended, go do it against a brickwall.)

"Why can't Americans play chess??
They miss two towers."

PS: Don't be that guy and be a dick, relativation is key.

blizzardsphere said:
People get offended by people getting offended.



It's like if you're annoyed by people getting offended, then stop offending people.