I pulled a horrible prank on my cousin will he ever forgive me?

Forums - General Discussion - I pulled a horrible prank on my cousin will he ever forgive me?

'Pranks' do not mess with people's feelings. Feel guilty, you should. If he is going to forgive you, you need to make it up to him. Treat him like family, not some low life.

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Geez man.. to pull of a prank like that when you live in a country were you can get a gun so easily... -_-


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You believe he doesn't retaliate to you because you are both bigger and there is two off you? Therefore you are both bullies.

Pardon my brashness, but you have gone too far with this joke. First of all, when you make someone pretend to be another person's girlfriend (or boyfriend), it's asking for trouble, whether how hilarious someone else sees it. You never prank a friend making them believe they are in love with a pretend girlfriend, because you don't know how their state of mind or their situation with love is.

You know it's bad when not even his parents can get him able to talk to you. And this isn't the kind of things that can be solved with a "Chill, it's just a prank" to just wash out the consequences. It might've been a poorly explored idea if you thought how loud you were gonna laugh at it instead of thinking of the what-ifs. Get in his shoes. If he had done the same thing to you... if he contacted your crush and convinced her to pretend to like you, just for you to wildly fall in love with her and then she tells you it was all a ruse in front of the school... how would you feel?

Also, believing he won't retaliate to your pranks just because he's smaller than you two is quite disgusting.

I get why he doesn't want to talk to you. I mean, I have a brother and a cousin who teased me and pranked me a long time ago. All I can say is let time heal the wounds and then talk to him. And most importantly: be honest. There's nothing worse than an apology that sounds forced and dishonest.

Edit: I know you mentioned it isn't, but if this is a joke thread, you're more scum than what you mentioned on the OP.

This might get be banned but the two of you are spiteful assholes!

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I think he will eventually forgive you because he seems like a good person unlike you.

You are a fucking piece of shit.

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Honestly if a friend did something like that to me, I dont think we d be friends afterwards.

Superquagsire said:
That was a really cruel prank there. Borderline harassment if you ask me. People who have never had anyone to love romantically know the pain of lonliness all too well. The fact that you did it as a prank will make him feel absolutely worthless. If he was dealing with any sort of mild depression beforehand, this event could cause him to fall deep into depression and in even severe cases suicidal. I'm just going off of my own judgment here because if this happened to me I know I would never be able to get over it.

The only thing I can recommend is to find a way to make it up to him. Also don't be too invasive and give him the time he needs to be alone when he needs it. I hope he gets better. Good luck.

When i was in high school a situation similar to this caused a kid, Eric Johnson, to kill himself. His best friend played a prank on him, making him think he was messing around his girlfriend, before they could tell him it was prank he stormed off. He ended up driving into the mountains, shot himself in head as he drove his truck off the side of the mountain. These kind of situations can push people over the edge.

If this is your sense of humor then I expect your IQ levels to be similar to around Forest Gump.
If I was him i'd never talk to you again i'd rather be alone than hang with tools.
but, id kick your ass first.

He sounds mentally unstable too by the way you described it lucky he didn't commit suicide or something

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Your cousin seems to be top notch mass shooter material. You better practice duck n cover