Could Microsoft land a deal with Konami to counter Sony's deal with KojiPro?

Forums - Gaming Discussion - Could Microsoft land a deal with Konami to counter Sony's deal with KojiPro?

That would hurt them even more than the Tomb Raider deal. There's virtually no gamer left who doesn't hate Konami with a passion. That combined with the already bad reputation of Xbox lately is begging for disaster. So I really hope for Microsofts sake that they aren't even considering something like that.

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well i would love to see the funny reaction if that's happen lol. Both company are not accepted well  in Japan now (well Xbox actually longer )

Sure...if they want a pachinko machine simulator.

No. Nobody likes Konami now...

MS can strike a deal with Kojima Productions though, but they are funding it... or releasing it on PC...

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    No. It would backfire so badly on them. I hope they aren't that desperate that they will ruin another ps centric franchise.


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    I'm not sure how many ppl will care about mgs without Kojima there.

    I know I'm out after 5.

    I can see ms tryna buy metal gear ip

    If Konami and Microsoft want to fuck up more then the ROTTR deal then sure go for it.

    Getting MGS6 exclusive would probably cost them 250 million and it would sell like shit. Sure Konami would probably make a profit but the IP would be severely damaged.

    Kojima provably won't even make a game that competes with mgs so there's that too.

    Don't go hunting exclusives that have 75% of their fanbase on another platform. All it does is piss people off.

    MS making a deal with Konami won't go down well with gamers or Kojima. It's like paying Hitler to create a fun new project. Hell Frakkin no!

    MS buying the rights to MGS will be stupidly expensive and those rights will mean little without Kojima. In addition to the above, that may force Kojima back into talks about making another MGS which may or may not go down well. Again costs will be astronomical.

    I think MS's best bet is to make deals with KojiPro once they are up and running. I can see them being a bit like PGs once they've had a few games out, creating multiple games for various partners.

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    I doubt konami wants their next MGS to end up like Rise of the Tomb Raider.

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