Wii U owners, what year did you buy your Wii U?

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I bought my Wii U in...

2012 126 40.13%
2013 82 26.11%
2014 75 23.89%
2015 31 9.87%

Summer 2012.

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December 2015.

Got 3D World, Mario Kart+ DLC and Smash.

Lunch Wuu

April 2014.

Two weeks ago.

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Mid 2014.

It wasn't a worthwhile proposition until 3D Mario and Mario Kart were out for me. Luckily, those were both excellent.
I really bought the console purely for 4 games. 3D Mario, Mario Kart, Xenoblade and Zelda U. Zelda Remasters were a nice bonus, as were the other exclusive gems like Bayonetta and Splatoon.

October 2013, windwaker bundle


December 19th 2013
New Super Mario Bros U bundle

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August 2013. I didn't have the money to get one at launch, and wasn't able to get one until nine months later. I currently have eight games for the system: NSMBU, SM3DW, Mario Kart 8, Nintendo Land, WWHD, Pikmin 3, DKC: Tropical Freeze, and The Wonderful 101. I haven't bought a game for it all year due to budget restraints (Nintendo games rarely go on sale), but now that I have all my debts paid off I can start catching up. I want to at least get Smash, Bayonetta 2, and Mario Maker.