(Rumour) Rise of the Tomb Raider sells less than 200k in November (U.S.)

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If this NeoGAF user can be believed (http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showpost.php?p=188757152&postcount=293), Rise of the Tomb Raider sold less than 200k in November. What does everyone here think of these numbers? I honestly am surprised that the numbers are that low.

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It's not less, it's basically = 200k for X1+360 combined.
And there's already a NPD thread with that info..

The series has entered uncharted territory. I just hope the pc release and then Ps4 release can save it.

i love TR , i really hope it will not be the end for this series because of a bad decision from SE .

It was rushed the hell out. I mean who the fuck releases one of their biggest titles day and date with one of the biggest titles. I cant see why Square would release it, the only logical sense is that microsoft wanted to push it out before black friday. Did f all tho.
A shame a great game could literally be on its AAA toes because Square chose money over fans

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Below 200k for both Xbox One + Xbox360 sales added up.

People saying the sales would be fine for it, where wrong.
I think if its like 175-180k units of Raise of the tombraider sold, SE where expecting more than that.

bad sales figures in my opinion. all people wait = Uncharted 4 - the Game of the Year 2016 = is coming ! (or maybe Persona 5 ^^)

More Square Enix Games coming exclusiv for PS4 in the future, make my words. Nier 2, Star Ocean 5, Dragon Quest 11 on PS4 is only the beginning. Personally, i have no more interest in tomb raider, but i'm sure - the DLCs are on the PS4 disc then.

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At least it still have the PS4 sales to be done next year.
Horrible numbers.

Maybe, just maybe... They should have been a little bit more worried about Fallout 4. :P

Well it's pretty much more indication that the Tomb Raider timed exclusivity deal was one of the worst ideas ever. It didn't help Microsoft, it didn't help Square... It pissed allot of their fanbase off which coincidentally many if not the most are on a different system so they didn't even release it to where most their fans were. This may effect the budget of the next game and significantly alter the franchises future, but hey... They said they were not worried!

The perfect storm of stupid is complete.

The launch window was a huge factor with so many big titles released this holiday. Fallout 4 especially affected it big time in my opinion. I know for sure now that the reason Sony delayed Uncharted 4 was to avoid possible low sales and maximize on the spring 2016 smaller line up. Of course they're gonna say it was to polish the game but I believe the move was very strategic.

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