Has Sony already claimed 2016?

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Has PS4 claimed 2016 as the console to own.

Yes 136 72.73%
No 40 21.39%
It's nearly Chistmas woohoooo! 11 5.88%
twintail said:
they are in a good position to sell well

And just as important, the games are in a good position to sell well on PS4.

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Well I said from the start that 2016 is the year PS4's probably going to go on a serious roll, and they've really snowballed building up momentum so far. Gams are being announced left and right now, and I'm sure we're in for more surprises in 2016.

if everything release on time: DAMN STRAIGHT!!!

We'll know next year around this time.


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Oh my, yes.

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They already claimed the generation, one year is an after thought.

Wagram said:
If you like JRPGs it's no contest.

2016 could be legendary for us JRPG fans.

Winners are determined before the generation starts ...

Sony has claimed 2013 and beyond, not just 2016 or a combination thereof ...