Has Sony already claimed 2016?

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Has PS4 claimed 2016 as the console to own.

Yes 136 72.73%
No 40 21.39%
It's nearly Chistmas woohoooo! 11 5.88%
With Xbox One claiming 2016 is going to be their greatest year ever, Has Sony already claimed 2016 as the console to own for shear variety and exclusives? I was just surfing the net and came across an article and games to look forward to in 2016 only to see the massive big hitters coming out exclusively for PS4 next year. 
Uncharted 4
Street Fighter v
Horizon zero dawn
Star ocean 5
The last guardian
Persona 5
Gran Turismo 7 (still not confirmed 2016 but it was on the article)
That list alone is mighty impressive with the AAA and the variety, it has Beat em ups, Action adventures, racing, Jrpgs, and RPGs.
But then you also have games which critics might not class as big as those but also massive, especially in fans opinions like 
Ratchet and clank
Gravity Rush 2
Kingdom hearts 2.8 
Tales of berseria
Nier 2
The world of final fantasy 
Dragon quest warriors.
I don't think I can remember a time with such a large variety of video games releasing for a console, whether it be Nintendo, Xbox PlayStation, heck even dreamcast and Saturn eras. Combine those exclusives with the list of Multiplats that are coming, you've pretty much got a 2 top class games per month in 2016.

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Expect delays on both sides.

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they are in a good position to sell well

Yes, and that is just half of the Major PS & Consoles exclusives for the PS4 in 2016.

But nope, they didnt show it at all... they want everybody to play the 3rd party and indies games instead of their own 1st party games and exclusives....

the PSX 2015 still left a bad taste in my mouth, tbh.

Anyways, anyone know what next for December 6 ? I know there is an Capcom Cup but i hope there will be more.

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Nintendo has a good shot to claim E3 2016 as they have a lot of unannounced projects in the work, not to mention a new console.

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i wouldnt say they claimed it quite yet. i still dont feel compelled to buy one and im actually getting an Xbox One instead. and then Nintendo can hopefully make the NX a good console.

Yeah, it might be their year, haha. They have a lot of great games coming next year. It would be hard to compete.



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No idea. Sony's got what appears to be a pretty impressive line-up for 2016, so I'm fairly confident that they're going to continue doing quite well. Beyond that, who knows.

Well, i doubt all sides have played all their cards yet, so we have yet to know.


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