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From my own experience so far: I really like it. But it works way better when doing a clean install, I've had problems with it everytime I tried to just upgrade.

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I have some hardware that is starting to get to what one might call middle aged, but the Windows 10 pop uo thing reckons the hardware is still compatible with minimum Windows 10 specs. I'm just not sure I believe it. I think I would rather wait until I upgrade my hardware and just get Windows 10 that way.

Either that or completely wean myself off PC gaming and just convert to Linux. The only reason I need Windows is for gaming. And even then, more Steam games are getting Linux releases. I have friends who are Linux experts so converting would not be a problem for me, and I've used it before because a Vista Laptop I had completely crapped out on Vista so I installed Linux and it gave it a new lease on life for quite a while.

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TruckOSaurus said:
twesterm said:
Long story short: I like it.

Damn! That's a blast from the past! Nice to see you around.


OT: I like the design but overall it's not that different from Windows 7. There's some neat window snapping tricks though.

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I didn't like it (it slowed down my laptop considerably, which was odd, as I definitely have the specs to run it properly), so I reverted back. I'm sure it's good. Just not for me.

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Wish it would stop bugging me to upgrade to Windows 10.

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It's a generally good OS, but Microsoft's privacy settings and policy is appalling.

sethnintendo said:
Wish it would stop bugging me to upgrade to Windows 10.

Do it, I say! Do eet!

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No thanks to Windows 10. I stuck with Windows 7.

I only upgraded one of my laptops and I hate it.

The latest required update broke my network driver and I can no longer connect to a secured network, it allows me to connect to unsecure networks though. This all happened during the last update.

Before the last patch I was on the pro side.

Note: I tried to reinstall Windows 10. The network connection worked again. Once it was updated I had the same issue. Since that is my backup laptop, I'm going to give it a week and see if it resolves itself.

I would be happier if the apps for it worked, like the store one, for example. Problems started when I tried to install Visual Studio like a month ago. It was a mess, having to do System Restore like 5 times since the program wouldn't open properly after the installations, not to mention the proper packets that I wanted didn't install at all. After completely deleting it from my computer, some Windows propietary apps wouldn't open. They are greyed out with the exclamation mark on the lower right corner, giving me an error message that I need to access the store. Maps, news, pictures... even the Store can't open.

Apart from that, I've gotten used to it. It's much faster to boot and load than Windows 7, which I really liked. If it wasn't due to the app annoyance, it would be perfect for me.