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shikamaru317 said:
I can't say that I've ever been a big Nintendo fan, but for some reason I'm really hopeful for their future, I feel like they might just nail it with NX and start making the changes they need to to succeed in the future.

As for their lack of new announcements at the VGA's today, I'm sure they're saving up all the big new games for E3 when they announce NX. It was pretty obvious at E3 this year that they were just announcing filler because they were saving all of the big stuff for NX launch/first year. It's a wise decision honestly, NX needs to be a success, and having a strong launch/first year lineup is a big part of that. It does suck for Wii U/3ds owners who feel like Nintendo is basically abandoning the platforms early, but at least it should help NX be a succes

I can't think of an example where abandoning a console early has led to a successful follow-up. With the possible exception of the original X-box. It had 4 Solid years at least. Was that early abandonment? Anyways, not the best way to foster loyalty. It's a risky gambit, but one Nintendo has no choice but to take. Also, I have no idea how to bold the text of those I'm quoting. :)

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Nintendo are in full transition mode to NX, hopefully there getting there horrible year out of the way in advance rather than post launch like most consoles. New console next year things should pick up a bit.

Your passion is misplaced, build a gaming PC, and get a Nintendo console, your problems will pretty much be solved.