I predict Xenoblade Chronicles X will sell NO MORE than 1 Million copes. (Sadly)

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How much do you think it'll sell?

Over 4 Million 12 4.76%
Around 3.5 Million 2 0.79%
Around 3 Million 6 2.38%
Around 2.5 Million 3 1.19%
Around 2 million 30 11.90%
Around 1.5 Million 101 40.08%
Less than a Million 35 13.89%
Around 750,000 38 15.08%
Around 500,000 13 5.16%
Lower than 500,000 12 4.76%

I'm not hating on the game. But people out there barely know what Xenoblade is... most likely the "casual" games out there. I've known this franchise for a few years now. I tried getting into it by watching Youtube gameplays of its past game and I didn't like it. I also watched gameplay videos of XCX itself but I'm still considering on getting it. I've been a huge Nintendo fan since I first picked up the controller and maybe me not picking it up? That tells me it's not going to sell over a million. But this is just my prediction. If it does ITS NOT going to sell over 1.5 Million that's not a prediction, that's a statement. It's just a shame for a hard worked 2-3 year development game not sell well like this, I hope sometime in the future it'll get released on the NX and maybe help with the sales, but I wish the best of luck with the game. I know its a fun great game for the Xeno fans out there!          

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I doubt it

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It isn't really a bold prediction lol

750k is a better goal. That would probably put it ahead of the first game.

Wait for the tentacle DLC and It will sell double of that in japan alone.

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I dunno the first one sold well in EU. I wouldn't be shocked if it is a pleasant surprise. But I myself am predicting a lifetime sales of around 500k.

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I have the same feeling


mmm i think it might sell a ot more. I mean, its has absolutely no competition on the system and its gonna stay like that for a while. Plus, Bundurus

750,000 seems fair, but I don't see much higher than that. Who knows though, Wii U owners need all the games they can get out of this machine.

I'm 99%  sure it will sell at least one million worldwide. It's already at ~ 130k in Japan and the audience of the game is mostly in the west, plus Nintendo is really advertising the game here.

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I predict you will eat crow! :P

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