Predict Xenoblade Chronicles X FW of sales in the west. Also global LT.

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im gonna make a bold prediction and say 800,000 in the first week, and then it will go on to sell 2 million copies.

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I think FW EU + USA will probably be around 350k. US preorders are at 140k for XCX with one week of preorders left. Let's just say it gets another 30k preorers to 170k. I am aware that this site's pre-order numbers are usually inaccurate, but from what i have seen, the actual FW sales are always higher than Pre-orders. That being said, i reckon USA will account for about 230k of the pre-orders. In terms of EU, i think it will have about 100k FW, as while this game is being advertised with bundles etc, EU FW sales for Wii U games always float at around 80k-100k for a game like this, with exceptions to MK8. That equates to 330k, with perhaps 10k coming from ROW.


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FW- 250k NA 120k EU and 30k WW so 300k fw
LTD 1.5m
700k NA 250k JP 350k EU 200k WW This includes retail and digital

400k first week - roughly 250k NA and 150k Europe

Game will do well to reach 1M lifetime

400k FW in the West, 1.5m lt

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Gamemaster87 said:
Justagamer said:
100k fw in america, maybe, MAYBE, 1 mil lifetime ww.

You seem to heavily underestimate it. According to vgchartz it already is at 140k pre-orders two weeks before launch. Obviously thr US won't be under 200k at launch


I hope the game crushes my prediction. I'm getting it, I loved the first one, but vgchartz having it at 140k pre-orders doesn't change my prediction. The first one was amazing and didn't set any region on fire, and yes, I know of the limited release in america. I just have the feeling the game is going to have a very low key release, 100k. That doesn't mean it won't have great legs and sell well in the end. I would love to see it sell 3+ million.

1 million total.

430k FW (330k USA, 100k Europe), 1.2 million lifetime.

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250k fw in the us
100-150k fw in europe

i believe the install base in wii u is too small for this game compared to the wii wich had over 100 million, the graphics are not very appealing and that might hurt casual sales who dont really know about the game and just see the ads, 1 million views in a gaming video is actually not very much, great reviews helped sell the first one and according to some previews this one isnt as great, te genre of game it is is also ery niche, and the game looks very very japanese even more the the first one and that might turn sme people off, the news coverag its getting arent enough, i didnt even remeber the reales date

350k FW in the West. 1.3 LT globally.