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PlayStation Portable will be getting its PlayStation Store closed next year, March 21th, in Japan.

This means PSP users won't be able to purchase content anymore from their PSP store, but PSP content on PSN will still be available to purchase on Vita and PS3.

PSP UMD Passport Service, that allowed PSP onwers of physical games buy the digital version on the store for a small fee, if available, will also be ending the same day.

So, did the PSP had his deserved departure? Was it too soon to close the store? Were you planning to get more digital games to play on it yet?

Well, the PSP for sure was a great system a gave a PlayStation mobile experience for a ton of people, but all things come to an end.

Source: http://gematsu.com/2015/11/psp-playstation-store-close-march-31-japan

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About time... they supported it for a long long time.

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LipeJJ said:
About time... they supported it for a long long time.

Nobody cares about it anymore, apparently XP

But yeah, if the games will still be available at the store tp Vita and PS3 (for PS4 as well in the future, I believe), so it's cool.

If you are getting a PSP just now or even later, it's kinda for collecting purposes anyway, like any other old system, so you can go after the physical copies.

That's where going full digital can become a problem, some Vita games only came via digital form here, so once it gets old and discontinued people will have either to learn Japanese and get an import 'cause the game won't be available in english anymore, if they want to give Vita a try.

Same for Yakuza 5 on the PS3, you'll not be able to play the localized version on your PS3 in the future.

Physical should never end.

The psp is the best handheld ive every played on. Such a great device