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Like every other 3D Mario game for me, is fantastic.

Not my favorite, and it lacks certain polish compared to rest, but it still a fantastic game.

The extra level of the lilypad that requires Yoshi to reach can die in a fire tho.

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Definitely not my favorite but I still enjoyed it.  The lily pad level and pachinko levels can go to hell though

I'm still undecided if this or 3D World is my favorite 3D Mario. If I had people to play with it'd probably be 3D World, but since not it's multiplayer advantage is mute to me.

Just hoping there will be a Delfino Plaza stage in Splatoon, where Mario + F.L.U.D.D could have a cameo. In SP Mario could even become a boss, cleaning up the mess the inklings always are doing.

when it came out I like it. Had a lot of fun.

Mario Galaxy was better by far though.

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Wow, I'm actually surprised to see so much love for Sunshine!

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