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i remember this game getting hated on online constantly when it first came out. now whenever i hear about it it's usually heaps of praise.

My favorite 3D Mario. The controls were tight and fun as heck, and open exploration ALWAYS beats out linear gameplay for me. It's not perfect, but it's the most engaging.

XenatheStrangler said:
IMHO Sunshine is the best in the whole series, no question! It has the open world of 64 but better in every way. I don't like the limitations and restrictions of Galaxy/3D World.



I'm also in the minority but Sunshine is easily the best of all the Mario games.

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I never actually finished it. I got bored of it at some point. Sometimes I think I should give it another chance but with my huge backlog I can't see when this will happen.

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The game was hated at first, but now it has some of that hipster backlash going for it, and a lot of people will swear it's the best specifically because it's the least liked entry.

At any rate, it's a pretty good game. The controls are solid, and the jetpack adds a nice amount of agility to Mario. The objectives are a mixed bag, with some great ideas, and some great ideas in theory that don't work. The game tries to take Mario out of his comfort zone by adding more adventure elements and less straight platforming. Sometimes it works (hotel level) sometimes it doesn't (watermelons).

The levels don't quite seem to revolve around Mario's abilities. A lot of very flat areas that don't really require much hovering or the like. The game also suffers from the story based direction. Unlike other games where Mario travels across varied environments, this time it's all water based stuff. They do some neat things (hotel, amusment park) but the variety is sorely missed.

To sum it up though, there are a lot of good ideas. Some of them work, and some of them don't. The result is a game with some great sections and some that are a total slog. In comparison to Mario's other 3D Adventures, which are pretty much awesome 100% of the time, it's the worst. But it's still pretty good.

I really enjoy it a lot. Personally in terms of quality
Galaxy=Galaxy 2>3D World>Sunshine>3D Land>64

Great level design, awesome camera, beautiful aesthetics, good soundtrack, perfect controls, the F.L.U.D.D. mechanic was very well implemented, it just felt so outside the box, yet it retained the platforming challenge that is true to the Mario series.

The only thing I really don't like about it is just how cheap it can get at some points, especially if you're going for all the Shine Sprites (Pachinko levels, Poison River, etc.) Also the Piantas, fuck those guys! Even after seeing Shadow Mario, and how he's the one who is spreading the goop and making the mess with the Real Mario trying to stop him and clean it, the Real Mario is STILL tasked with cleaning the island. Fuck you, Piantas!!

But anyways, yeah, Sunshine is a really great game. I recommend it to anyone who is a fan of challenging 3D Platformers.

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Not as good as Galaxy, but still fantastic and better than Super Mario 64 or 3D World.

It's a fun enough game, but easily the worst of the 3D Marios for me.

I find FLUDD to actually ruin the clever platforming mechanics of the other 3D Mario games, which becomes painfully obvious in the levels where FLUDD gets taken away. Those are miles ahead of the regular stages. It's probably been like a decade since I last played it, but I don't even remember what the final boss was like. I just remember going into the mountain, but it seems much of the game is forgettable to me. Which is a bad thing.

On a positive note though, graphically the game is amazing. Considering it's early-mid 6th Gen, that water; my god!

S.Peelman said:
I don't even remember what the final boss was like. I just remember going into the mountain, but it seems much of the game is forgettable to me. Which is a bad thing.

Just Bowser in a bath tub, it's one of the weakest final Bowser battles.