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Never played it because it has never looked appealing to me...

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bouzane said:
Cloudman said:

What's bad about it? I'm curious. o:

The central gameplay mechanics involving the FLUDD backpack aren't much fun. It blows my mind how bad the level design is at utilizing it, especially the booster nozzle. The levels are typically too easy but in the worst way possible. For example, instead of having bottomless pits that kill you outright and place you back at a checkpoint in the middle of the action there are bodies of water. I can not stand falling into the water because I have to swim to the shore and slowly climb back to where I was which is just a giant pile of busy work, it's so damn boring. Mentioning boring gameplay there's the fact that so many jumps require me to slowly hover across the largest gaps possible which makes for tedious, repetitive sections which are pretty much the antithesis of fun platforming. Then come the sections without the FLUDD that are far more difficult which just makes the game feel disjointed and downright schizophrenic. These sequences are generally quite good but they feel like the development team realized that Mario 64 was a vastly superior experience and they tried to recapture some of that previous success. You know you're doing a bad job when the portions of your game where you regress backwards are blatantly the best parts. I have a myriad of other issues such as how useless Yoshi is, the flawed camera system, some of the outright dreadful mission design and all of the unutilized space in the giant empty levels (making them feel like very little effort was put into the game). I wasn't blown away by the soundtrack or graphics and the story is lackluster even by the standards of a Mario game. I don't like anything about Sunshine, it was easily the worst platformer I played that entire generation. I'm really having a hard time understanding what makes Sunshine good outside of the a couple boss fights and the secret levels.

Hmm, I found the FLUDD mechanic myself, as well as cleaning the city. I guess I find that to be enjoyable and somewhat zen-like, haha. It felt really great running, flying and spinning around with FLUDD as well, at least for me.

Strangely, I would sometimes hear about Sunshine being on the difficult side. I do agree on that on certain parts of the game, such as the pachinko game, collecting the red coins on the flying sand bird, and killing the giant stingray on the hotel stage. But I also enjoyed parts, such as the ghost hotel and battling a boss on the roller coaster.

Doing the challenge stages made me realize how much I valued the FLUDD, haha. I guess FLUDD did make some parts of the game easier, but more enjoyable imo. But not everyone will agree x )



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Easily the best 3d Mario game for me. It looks great, it sounds great, and above all else: Controls are smooth as butter. Traversing the world in that game feels so freakin' good. You can go anywhere and everywhere, you can go real fast, you can be super-precise. I love it.

Story-wise? Meh, I don't really care. It has more personality than many of the other games, and some pretty funny moments. Its not bad, but its not great either. It does however justify the world and the levels, which is good. And again.. controls... MMMMM

Also, the water is fun to play with. Rocket jumps, hovering around everywhere, splashing civilians.. Its great.

(7.8, too much water?)


Also, for people having issues with it being slow (I.. dont know why, but still) watch some speedruns. When put in the hands of pros, the controls really shine. You can do so much fancy stuff.

My favorite 3D Mario game.

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I like it, but I think most of the other 3D Mario games are preferable. I'd probably rank it above Galaxy 2 (which I found a bit rote at times) but nothing else.

Mario 64 and Galaxy were much more impactful for me at the time they came out.

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It's alright, but it's probably my least favourite 3D Mario. It's about the only 3D one that I didn't play when it came out. Only ended up playing it like 8-10 years later. I didn't think it controlled as well as the other games.

It is worse than Super Mario 3D World and 64, but better than both Galaxy entries. The tropical theme does get old quickly, but the levels still offer tons of variety in terms of gameplay and exploration.

I love it, except Corona Mountain. Everything else is superb.


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Worst 3D Mario ever. 3D World and Land may not be the most epic and imaginative titles of the plumber, but at least they are fun. Sunshine, at least for me, can't say the same thing.

It was my Mario game of Mario games I love it dearly