I think it is time we start a Halo 5 league on vgchartz.

Forums - Gaming Discussion - I think it is time we start a Halo 5 league on vgchartz.

This is the best MP I've played in a long time. Great gameplay, dedicated servers, variety modes, cool graphics, silky smooth 60 fps, free updates/maps and cool weapons . I want to enjoy the game with my fellow comrades on vgchartz. Add your GT so we can play. We might even start a tournament.

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I don't play often, and I also suck something aweful, but if you're desperate to fill up a room with some easy bait I'd probably join every now and then haha

I think you'll have luck inviting people here:



Nintendo is selling their IPs to Microsoft and this is true because:


Im on from time to time. STAGE S373N

Im backed up though. Too many games.

Yeah should be good. I am interested. Hit me up at FightingSmile64.

Arena is where i excel btb not so much

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sounds good