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Pavolink said:
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Yeah of course, but theses games (Mario Tennis, Amiibo festival etc) are specifically made to be filler games for the end of the year. I don't think they could do better since they were made as rushed games for holidays.

Hyrule Warriors is a filler until the next Zelda game was supposed to release in 2015, and it was good. Mario Golf on 3DS was not a bad game according to some. They have prove to be able to make good fillers games, no excuse for this poor attempts.

I wouldn't say that Hyrule Warriors is a filler, same for Mario Golf. Hyrule Warriors is more of a spin-off made to appeal musou to Zelda fans. Mario Golf is just a Mario Golf. And more importantly, these two games aren't absolutely rushed for holiday, both of them (well I didn't played Mario Golf but I heard it was good) are full of content and polished.

I'm not trying to give excuse to Nintendo for Mario Tennis and Amiibo festival, they are shitty games and Nintendo deserves this blame, I'm just saying that spamming on social media isn't really useful in this specific case. 'cause the purpose of these games was to be rushed for holidays, not to be good.

And that lead us to the primary problem: delays. If they delayed games that were supposed to be released during this timeframe, they should have had other ready to cover. Maybe these two were planned to come in 2016 but rushed to holiday 2015 to fill the gap, while the 2015 delayed games are now 2016.

Well, maybe for Mario Tennis (doubt it however), but even with six more months, I don't think amiibo festival would be better, the problem is in the core design of the game.

But yeah, it could be that.

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investors probably said: "you know ? This box we have right here is failing, don't spend any money on games you haven't already started developing for it and save it for the NX, use the engines from the games you already have to make a few spin-off but keep up the quality, ok ? "
and Nintendo answered: "...
spend money, start engines, off the quality
Got it, we'll deliver!"

Rhodea doesn't look bad :


This thread would have more credibility if Xenoblade gets a shit meta.

Nintendo checked out of this (console) gen a while ago. Splatoon and Amiibos were the proof of concept that they needed the Wii U for, now they're ready to discard it.