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So the Tomb Raider doomsayers were right, how surprising

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Looks like Aaron Greenburg's attempt to beg gamers to "#buyboth" on twitter failed, at least in the UK for now.

melbye said:
So the Tomb Raider doomsayers were right, how surprising

Well, that's how it works nowadays. Everything reflects to each other and of course the anti media hype on forums plays a role here, too.

SE need to up those graphics, cut out the controller lag, add in ALL the DLC and release earlier than Christmas on the PS4 if they want to make any money with Tombraider.


The PS5 Exists. 

Xbox software did really well for the week and so did Tomb Raider.

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If it does like 56k in the UK... (less than 57k means 56k), how well does it do in the USA?

First there were people telling Halo sales was ok, now there are people telling Tomb Raider sales are ok....is this for real?

oh wait......digital. Digital argument escaped my mind since it has yet to surface here, strange since in the Halo sales-talk it was the hottest new shit but I guess popularity is short-lived nowadays.

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Maybe ROTR will arrive PS platforms sooner than we think now ^^
Massive debut sales for Fallout 4 only behind FIFA and COD.

...Let the Sony Domination continue with the PS4...

Not surprised by the ROTR numbers.

Sh1nn said:

PlayStation 4 (53%) - 255,460
Xbox One (41%) - 197,620
PC (6%) - 28,920


It should be noted that this includes bundles.