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Fallout did great as expected.

Tomb Raider had a decent opening week. Not great, but certainly not bad either.

Black Ops 3 also had a great second week. I was expecting a bigger drop, but it held on quite nicely.

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Tomb Raider did very well, considering all the doom and gloom wished upon it, seems that it being a very good game helped.
Fallout of course doing as expected. It would be nice to find out its platform split, it having a XOne marketing behind it.

TR did less than 60k for both X1 and 360 combined!?

That deal didn't pan out well sadly.

Wow Fallout nearly 500K. I hope the devs patch the game. The game is doing great everyhwere


Tomb Raider only sold one third of what the reboot sold (183k). Considering that Square Enix initially called the reboot a financial failure, this represents a complete failure in a large contraction for the franchise. This is truly sad. And considering that this game has reviewed so well, this really seems like I lost opportunity.

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Tomb Raider didn't rise much. Massive fail for Crystal Dynamics.

Good position for TR, there was simply no chance against Fallout 4 and Blops.

TR <57K


Tomb Raider did ok considering the fanbase is on playstation

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RIP Lara

Any info on the F4 platform split?