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You should play mobile games then. All you have to do their is tap icons to get validation of how amazing you are. No stress and it isn't really hard to invite friends for more health and you can even skip 'levels' just by adding your parents credit card info. And the best part about about it its free 2 play.. I mean. Come. On.

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Games should have different difficulty levels.

Different strokes for different folks.

If a game is super difficult intentionally and you don't like it, it just means the game isn't for you. I tried so hard to like Ninja Gaiden on the PS3, but holy hell I just couldn't put myself through that.

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Obvious troll/satire post. If not, then it's from one extremely coddled child. Nothing else to say, really.

I stand behind your no water levels suggestions. They always feel shoehorned in. I don't think I have ever found one that was more fun than it was stressful.

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If you like easy games then buy easy games.


The PS5 Exists. 

I played a lot of super meat boy and all kinds of mario and I was never really good at hard games but they are definitley fun an that feeling you get when you finally get through a level you got stuck on is priceless. But there should be both types of games hard ones and easy ones and even ones in between. The popularity of the souls games just show that there is a places for very hard games.

Considering the OP's age (18), I'm not shocked that he hates difficult games. His generation has been raised on soft games for years and years. I'm 36 years old so, I cut my teeth on NES for the most part. Back then, beating a game MEANT something. You didn't have it handed to you. You had to EARN it and it was usually a huge feat. 

Personally, I like to think gamers my age have an advantage over gamers his age. I think we have a skill set that his doesn't and never will. For intense, I can dominate in COD, but can HE, or most of his friends, beat Ninja Gaiden without using roms or cheating? Probably not.

The only time I hate a game, is really a bad check point system. And cut scenes. You give me full manual control were I can save anytime. Or put check points before and after key areas. The game is golden. And cut scenes have to be skippable, NO MATTER WHAT. Although, not disabled when I go back playing levels. Marvel Lego Heroes did this. And that was really dumb.

That's all I have beef with, when I get mad at a game. The only thing I hate in a game is to replay areas that I can clear, 10 times. Just to reach the area I failed at. Weather it's a crappy jump or a boss fight. Just start were I died. Fallout 4 does everything I asked. And I don't care if I die stupidly. I'll beat the issue and continue on, improving Sancutary.

If I could give you any advice it would be, buy Mario Maker and play a Panga level. You will love it!!