Seriously why hasn't Nintendo made an amiibo skylanders?

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Reports are showing that Amiibo has sales ranging to 9 million, clearly they are making money off of them and significant money to but why is there no mention of a skylanders type game? I guess they can wait till the NX but with that coming out whenever it does, they should really take this advantage now. I honestly think Nintendo can make a skylanders game better than disney infinity and skyalnders since Nintendo actually puts creative effort into their games and won't cheap their fans out. 

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They await critical Amiibo saturation, after which, no human can escape.

Yes, I was expecting to see an Amiibo game announced at e3 2015.. but we got AC Amiibo Festival :p

Maybe a launch title for the NX?

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Maybe It's an NX launch title like Platina said. Just one thing... Amiibo total sales surpass 21m according to Nintendo, not just 9m.

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Well, it took em this long to make a Mii game, its fair to assume they'd wait a bit for amiibos too but idk, I'm just a Dr.

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