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Yes it looks better 211 58.94%
Nah it looks the same 100 27.93%
STF and do a barrell roll! 47 13.13%

Uhhh...yeah, I guess the new gameplay looks a bit better. But the trailer posted in the OP is not gameplay. Still a sub-par looking game though.

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Im not sure, as that's a cinematic trailer and not gameplay.


A bit better, but still a long way to go.

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And some think Nintendo push the release to a later date just so they can piss people off.
They do it for a REASON.

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This game needs more "chaos" like Bayonetta 2

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Comparison video.

Wyrdness said:

Comparison video.

Definitely looks better, and they still have 4 whole months for further polishing.

it doesnt matter if it looks better if they ant to sell any copies, online dogfights better be included. it looks marginally better but not so much better to make me buy it.

it looks marginally better, but they better have online multiplayer. I want next gen gameplay instead of marginally better graphics. it looks like it plays like a gamecube game. give me squad combat, ability to change vehicles on the fly, so sort squad strategy like sending specialists in first or attacking from a different position

Yeah, after watching the comparisons they definitely improve the textures, shadows and more things. It's better, even if it isn't something spectacular. But I just want some old-school arcade shoot'em up. That's what I'm asking. Star-Fox 64 2.0 and I think that's what we're getting.