Is it FAIR for sony to win this generation?

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I say yes and here are the reasons:

Sony just made all the right decisions regarding the ps4, no gimmick (gamepad or kinect), they made great moves to make fun of the competition to generate as much hype as possible and have great support, be it third party or japanese games heck even indie support is increasing.

Microsoft had a start this generation as bad as the ps3, but they got a bit lucky to make don mattrick the scapegoat and blame everything on him. They are on track right now but the bad japanese support is going to bite them in the ass (like it is right now). I still don't know why they don't invest more money to make a few japanese games like they did with xbox 360 at the beginning.

Nintendo with a gimmick gamepad nobody wanted and almost no third party support, there is no way a console can sell that much with almost no third party support (yeah I know the Wii but we can all agree the chance for nintendo to make another Wii success is almost zero). I'm really interested to see what a nintendo console can do with good third party support.



PS4: great third party support+ great japanese support+ good indie support

WiiU: nearly no third party support+ good (or mediocre for rolstoppable) japanese support+ a bit (indie support)? I really don't know how much they get

Xbox One: great third party support+ bad japanese support+ good indie support


Do you agree with that?

Can microsoft pull a ps3 this generation or is it really lost for them to catch up?

Where is the NX going to be? catching up to the xbox one or even the ps4 or won't it not even come close to the xbox one by the end?

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I like to collect my retail copies. If Sony wasnt there DRM will be rampant in this gen (thought its coming next gen). Sony really deserves the win.

Playstation always had the best games compared with the competition (quantity and quality).

There's no such thing as "fair" when it comes to a situation like this. Neither of the companies "deserve" or "don't deserve" their position, wether it's 3rd, 2nd or 1st, it's just how it is.

No one is going to win a console generation. stop this winning,and the best thing. they all have there strengths and weaknesses. and all people have their preferences. owning a Wii U or a xbox one just be just as satisfying as owning a ps4 or the other way around. Stop with console wars. Im tired of it

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We go again with that kind of thread ? The winner is the winner. Last gen Wii won the generation and that was the end of discussion.

I don't think there is any fairness when it comes to this. It's a matter of which company did the best. There is not 'deserving' for whoever is doing the best o:



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Wii U has almost zero thrid party support.With exceptions like Dragon Quest X, and even that only in Japan, not even the Wii U is receiving japanese third party support, outside of deals that nintendo makes to help them develop their own franchises.But something that you didnt mention is that the Wii U has a great indie support, on par in my opinion with the PS4 and XBoxOne.

Even though I prefer what Xbone has to offer, PS4 deserves its success. What matters to me is that Xbox continues to sell and they'd keep improving their product.

Teeqoz said:
There's no such thing as "fair" when it comes to a situation like this. Neither of the companies "deserve" or "don't deserve" their position, wether it's 3rd, 2nd or 1st, it's just how it is.


I totally disagree with you there.  If any product provides the best value for the money to consumers, then I feel that product "deserves" to sell more, therefore "winning".  That way the other companies will step up their game for the next time, and in the end the real winners will be us consumers.