Nintendo gamers, would you even buy Black ops 3 if it came to the Wii U?

Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo gamers, would you even buy Black ops 3 if it came to the Wii U?

No thank you...

Have a nice day...

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it would not even sell 500k never mind a million!

not sure..... maybe not...


I own a PS4 and I'm not going to buy it there, so I wouldn't buy it for my Wii U either.

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I've stopped caring for the series a long time ago, so nope.

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No, I really don't like first person anything. If it was third person, I'd probably buy it.

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Not my type of game so no.


No, but it's not because I own a Wii U. It because I very much dislike FPS games

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Never was a fan of FPS in the first place so no.

Splatoon is already good enough for me :p

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No, I wouldn't. I'm done with COD. If I wanted to play BO3, I would buy the PS4 version.

Maybe eventually. But

i'd wait for the price to drop.


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