Nintendo gamers, would you even buy Black ops 3 if it came to the Wii U?

Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo gamers, would you even buy Black ops 3 if it came to the Wii U?

Since the direct is soon and all. I doubt it would push a million and would waste the developers time.


Or would it?

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No. I don't hate the series or anything, I'm just done with it.

No, but I don't buy Call of Duty on any of my other consoles, either.

No, I don't really like COD games... ^.^;

COD on Wii U would likely not even pass a mil o:



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Nah, not interested in COD anymore.

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Honestly, no. It's not because I don't like COD. It's just that I'm not interested in it.

No.I wont even buy it on the PS4.Im just finished with the franchise, and to be honest, there are alot more games that are better than COD

No way. Maybe when they actually try to refresh the series. I'm done with the franchise since I played Black Ops. Next games feel the same.

fps games are best played on PC so there's that.

Cant understand why people are playing cod on console at all tbh..

BO is one of the best FPS series of modern times.
I think it could hit a million if it released with the other versions. Anything after, not really.