Black Ops 3 is the biggest entertainment launch of 2015, earns over $550 million in first 3 days

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Does that include revenue from hardware bundles? I'd imagine that it'd only include revenue from the software bundled with the PS4s, because revenue from the PS4 hardware would go to Sony?

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does this include games and hardware?

ohh chill, im just messing.

This is nothing short of amazing!

Could Star Wars The Force Awakens beat them numbers?

Nintendo is selling their IPs to Microsoft and this is true because:


taus90 said:
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taus90 said:

I guess the record will be short lived and will be broken by Fallout 4 in a few days time or maybe even Battlefront

I don't see how that could happen. Fallout won't doing it for sure

ya i forgot unlike BLOPS3, FO4 and SWBF arent on last gen consoles.

Considering for the UK current gen consoles accounted for 91% of opening week sales I don't think the difference between CoD and FO4/SWBF will be last gen consoles.

Yeah, revenue fron hardware doesn't go to Activision, so I would tend to think they are talking about software revenue only. Though PR being what it is, it is entirely possible Activision is padding with hardware revenue because I don't think their statements have said the revenue is from Software alone. And of course their revenue is sell in, not sell through.

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For comparisons sake, Black Ops 2 revenue was 500 million day one.

Dutch website Gamekings is saying that digital sales almost doubled compared to Ghosts and Advanced Warfare: http://www.gamekings.nl/nieuws/cod-black-ops-3-zet-550-miljoen-dollar-om-in-eerste-weekend/

With CoD branded hardware, that could have been like... 800 million! Don't sell yourselves short, Activision.

No sales numbers brackdown, this is almost word for word the same thing Microsoft said about Halo sales. And you guys realy are assuming hardware revenue is not included.

tsc, tsc, tsc...

That´s so cute.

Off course Activision gets a piece of each bundle sold. Michael Pachter says it MS and Sony have to pay $40-50 for each third party game bundled.

AEGRO said:

I dont know about past numbers, but people saying that the franchise is going down is nuts!

We are talking about 25% more money than Halo 5 in less time.

It might be significantly more since halo sales were including the 500 $ bundle and other things like the Controllers


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