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1080p or 60 frames?

Without 1080p games arent playable 90 23.62%
Without 60 frames games arent playable 154 40.42%
Both (PC Master Race) 137 35.96%

I'd say a lot of games are much better at 60 fps and I would always go for better performance. For me the problem with 30fps if that if it dips it goes to the 20s and that is sometimes unplayable especially with frst person games. With 60s though even if it goes down it is still acceptable with 40 or 50 fps.

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I think there really does need to be a little compromise here. I don't think any game is unplayable under 1080p. To say that is ridiculous. Likewise, I don't think it's correct to say that any game is unplayable under 60fps. Still, it's far more important for a game to run well than it is to have higher visual fidelity. I'll take a 60fps game with a lower resolution any day.

Let's not forget that a lot of games these days struggle to hit even thirty. There needs to be a swing within game developers that makes them put performance over fidelity, and that isn't going to happen any time soon, sadly :/


BraLoD said:

Me too.

I've been playing games with the same kind of framerate since ever, 30FPS locked or not, and it has never been a problem and has been doing the job greatly for me, I don't see a reason to make compromisses to achieve a higher framerate than that on most games.

Y'know, I wonder if Halo 5 would have retained couch co-op & split-screen MP had the series remained at 30 fps. Supposedly, the higher frame rate given priority was a major reason for limiting the game to one player per screen on all game modes.

People act like 720p was the standard last gen, where in reality most HD games rendered at 600p or similar resolutions.

Where's the neither option?

I don't need 1080p or 60 frames. I just need my game to be playable and well designed, which requires neither.

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Last gen we didn't even get HD games for the most part, we got sub hd games.

Well... You have to choose between one of the 3 :)

Seriously tho, jokes aside. I prefer a good and solid framerate by far to 1080p (even in 720p). The difference in resolution does not bother me at all.
If they can achieve both on my system, even better...

It doesn't matter to me (1080p or 900p) but this notion that 60FPS over 1080p guarantees "better" gameplay is nonsense. Especially with all the genres..

Although I think more devs should give the option of playing at 1080p/30fps or 900p/60fps.

HBninjaX said:

someone made a collage of all of the promises made before the PS4 came out, that it would compete graphically with current gaming PCs, for me it was a real eye-opener. People's expectations are too high now. Just think of the current generation as a half a step better than the last. Anyway if graphics are really that important you should just build a rig

InB4 muh couch

The ads that came out slightly before release and during release while still going on today have painted this gen as "1080p 60fps" "high definition gaming". I've seen enough ads on the net or tv to see that marketing divisions from each system (besides Nintendo who doesn't seem to bother with the res/fps wars) like to point out that when they can run a game at both they will certainly make note if it one way or another with their advertisements. Things were no different during the time of Sega vs Nintendo and the bit wars, only this time we're seeing games getting locked to 30 or some can't do full 1080 and get stuck at 900 or less.

I also really don't get folks who rage against 60fps and claim it doesn't matter and yet there are people who actually have legit issues with slower frames like motion issues. For me I don't mind playing the odd one or two games at 30 but I do prefer 60fps because it feels a lot more fluid and generally allows me to play well, 30 to me seems like a form of slow motion and can at times appear janky, then of course you have games that go sub 30 and then you're just fucked but if you get sub 60 you're at least going to land somewhere near 30-60 rather than sub 30. Also I've less than 1080 appears to be quite blurry for me but I guess that makes me some elitist master race scum according to some on here, that's the thing, when you can obtain something others cannot or don't bother with then you're scum or it's a waste of time or isn't needed, yet when they can obtain it it suddenly makes the world of difference and does matter.