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FloatingWaffles said:

I wonder how many people posting in this thread have made an NX thread. Does that mean they are a part of this organization?

Probably! NX is so omnipresent that I don't even know if I did a thread about it. =o

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The Nintendonerds - they have dominated the forum!!!!!! EVERYONE FOR THEMSELVES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also OP - this has technically become a NX thread - OP confirmed as a Nintendonerd spreading the blapshemous teachings of NX.



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The NX inquisition may try to put everything NX related on the official thread, but we work in subtle ways... XD

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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If you're drowning now just wait until real NX news starts to come out.

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I hardly notice them but at least it is free press for NX. Though I think it is negative press for Wii U.

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Considering this is a thread about NX threads you may very well be a member of the organization...

no its just a large Nintendo community here