PSVR will be priced so Sony doesn't make any profit. What are your price predictions now?

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BraLoD said:
Aeolus451 said:
I think it will cost around $150 to $250 since they are not trying to make a profit off of the VR hardware.

It's definitely not going to be $150.

Sony said it'll be priced as a new system, so it may be around a Vita price so $250 to $300 would be possible.

Ya never know. VR's console price point is what will largely decide how successful it will be. Sony is trying to get VR into as many gamers' hands as possible. 

mutantsushi said:

I'm going to guess that this will be PS4 only. You might be able to get it to work on PC but probably nothing will support it.

Why? Crossplatform (PS4+PC) dev options help make games more viable for devs, and the API can be basically the same on both sides.
Sony said they want maximum playerbase, and leveraging PC market which is proportionately least put off by price, does just that.

It's a nascent market  on PC side, so now is the time to grab market share there and establish Sony's VR platform across both PC/PS4.

And it doesn't cost anything really.

I don't see Sony grabbing PC market share tbh, they cut ties with that market this gen and so far haven't tossed a bone their way like MS has, MS is trying to co-exist with it, not trying to convert the userbase into going to their console like you might think Sony would do with PC gamers. PC already has two VR headsets which are likely to appeal to them like they already have been doing, I see them standing a much better chance at appealing to a market they were developed in than one that comes strictly from a console side that's trying to make use of a userbase they clearly have no ounce of interest in (Also cutting ties when they sold their VAIO division and SOE).

OT: From £300-400.



PwerlvlAmy said:
$350-$400, i cant see this doing well

hm.. I think if this "feeling of being present in a different world" is anywhere near as compelling as VR enthusiasts make it sound then the positive word of mouth and people trying it at a friends house etc could make it a slow-burn success, VR certainly won't storm out the door like motion control did with the Wii

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Probably $299. It'll still be hard to sell, but we'll have to wait and see how it turns out, I guess...

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I hope its below 300$, but more important is good games that looks decent.

300 with a free first-party game seems like a price point I would be gravitating towards. Sony is the most willing of the three developers to take financial risks to sell hardware, especially now that the PS4 is doing phenomenally well.

I would be extraordinarily impressed if they could somehow manage to bring PSVR down to 250 dollars.

krippaz said:
I hope its below 300$, but more important is good games that looks decent.

There is a famous MMO getting support to it (Final Fantasy 14), a famous fighting game (Tekken 7), a famous first party racer, maybe even two (Gran Turismo, and maybe Driveclub, seems to be testing).

It's definitely getting some good support already.

Cloudman said:

Honestly, with the price they were asking for, I don't think it was going to sell fast at all. o:

It really came down to Wii picking up a the casual market and Sony not expecting MS to be able to be so competetive compared to the gen before.

Still, the Ps3 did pretty well in the end. and last gen was probably the most closely contested between the hardware makers we will ever see. 

Selling hardware at a loss is not a foreign concept. If Sony wants to get the install base to build upon for years to come its probably the wiser choice. And it appears that they have tons of software support. As long as it is marketted right, VR could very well work to extend the PS4 even further.

Ball is in Sony's court now.