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LivingMetal said:
KingdomHeartsFan said:

The 360 was well known for running multiplat games better.  Sure you might have had to swap discs for some games but that's a small price to pay.

Ummm... No.  I wasn't even considering disc swapping so here are some examples:

Star Ocean: The Last Hope International - Tweaked graphics, option of Japanese voiceovers, selesctable character portraits.

Eternal Sonata: Re-worked better ending, two additional playable characters, bonus locations.

Ninja  Gaiden Sigma: Higher resolution and framerate, extra playable character.

Darksiders: Better framerate, less screen tearing.

L.A. Noire: Better draw distance, runs smoother.

Blaz Blue: D-pad better for fighting games.

Dead Space: Limited Editition, comes with Extraction, looks better.

Dante's Inferno: Better looking, extra content.

Dynasty Warriors 7: Less pop-in, better framerate.

Dragon Age: Better visuals.

Enchanted Arms: Extra character.

Borderlands: Looks better overall.

And these are just a few examples.  My whole point is that saying multi-platform games last gen being better on the Xbox 360 is not as clear cut as some would hope.  It was more true in the beginning, but it's now more stigma.

A lot of the stigma came from the fact quite a few popular games were bad ports on the PS3. Bestheda games, Orange Box, Bayonetta and more. The difference between xbox one and ps4 multiplats is resolution pretty much which requires a lot of analyzing to even tell the difference. Bad ports on the other hand are very easy to tell on the ps3.


OT: Investing in third party deals is stupid in the long run unless you're buying a third party developer/publisher out. Yes its great for this generation to make some money, but in the long run it doesn't do anything for you. Every new console starts back at 0 in the begining of the generation and big AAA QUALITY exclusives is what helps you push units. You have to build that up or you're going to run into a brick wall yet again. Don't ignore third party games obviously (Nintendo), but big AAA exclusives make people want to buy your console.

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More exclusives? Cool. 

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See that 150k from UK doesn't make sense if it did 2 million in retail.
Let's use Destiny as an example, the best example because it's a FPS and it's made by Bungie, a huge reason why some people bought the game on Xbox One.
Using VGC numbers, it did 1.21 million worldwide with 159k in UK. UK sales account for 13.1% sales of Destiny first week.
Now if we say that Halo 5 did 2 million worldwide in retail, and 150k that came from UK, 7.5% sales came from UK which is a huge difference from 13.1% sales of Destiny.
But if we say that the 1.5 million is worldwide and not US, UK sales account for 10% sales which makes a lot more sense than 7.5% sales.

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I hope they don't slow down with crowd funding games either. I love those. They are the best 😆


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AlfredoTurkey said:
Zkuq said:
Moneyhatting is bad so I don't entirely like this (and I didn't like it during the previous generation either). That said, true partnerships, such as publishing deals, are OK and actually a good thing.

When a company pays millions of dollars to simply be able to show an ad on TV, even though every owner of the rivial console KNOWS it's going to be on their system on the same day? It just feels pointless to me. I can't believe people are now arguing who gets marketing rights these days. It's like, who cares? Both console get the game right? 

Either I was misunderstood or I misunderstood (or your post was unrelate to mine despite the quotation). I'm guessing it's the first, so let's clarify. By 'publishing deal', I didn't mean marketing. I meant basically funding the game.