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This right here, is the offending party:



"-Any future NX threads will be locked and linked to this one. If a patent is found, fine, make a thread over it. However any discussion about it following will be here"


This however, is the real official nx thread. As pursuant to chapter vii, article c, "duplicate threads will be locked"


The official nx thread, as codified for use under vgchartz.Com, gamrconnect forums by moderators truckosaurus and smeags, the moderatee, theprof00 shall hereby retain all rights to "the official nx discussion thread", as per moderation rules, 20th in the domain of gamrconnect.vgchartz.com in the file system located herein:



As vgchartz "big daddy", I must insist that the infringing thread be locked and redirected to said rights holder, theprof00.


My php administrator will be in touch.

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It's like the police crossing red lights. It's the mod's prerogative.

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vivster said:
It's like the police crossing red lights. It's the mod's prerogative.

Even star ocean posted in my thread. 

And they refused to enforce the officiality of my thread. It's not crossing the red lights...it's not enforcing the rules because it's in a minority neighborhood. :)

I say they can have an official thread, but don't make our threads go there. Also Ihe better not use this as the ioiofficial thread once it releases.

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PM'd you, prof.

Why is this even a thing

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Well, another thread about the NX thread. I guess there's no way to stop this train! :P


OT: All hail the original NX's NX OP's Vanilla Thread!

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StarOcean said:
PM'd you, prof.

Thanks so much SO xoxo

A thread about the Official NX thread and the Unofficial NX thread.

Its like a neverending cycle of destruction and chaos....only on VGChartz.


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